Friday, 16 December 2005


[entertaining you with my essay for the 2nd term exams 7years ago. I scored 47 over 100 :-)]


A teacher, at school, told us once that, the reason why doctors refer to sick persons as “patients” is because, these people are waiting for their sickness to go away; they are holding on to hope. This is the most close meaning of “Patience” i could get to.
“Patience” is a notion, it is intangible, that is it cannot be perceived by our senses. Some people are born with it and some people just have to develop it in their personalities. In short, one cannot quantify its value but, circumstances help us to have an idea of its “price”.
To be an impatient person would mean that you are that kind of person who when he or she wants something, it has to be NOW and NOW only; well, this kind of person would not go far, for people generally loath this kind of person and would continue to be “nice” to that person only if they are really compelled to.
The world is not a paradise, yet, it may be so for that person who willingly and gladly takes everything that comes his way with the hope that something that comes his way with the hope that someday, one day would be his or her day. Of course, nothing can be guaranteed but at least, he would have had HOPE and unlike what Voltaire, a famous French writer said, HOPE does NOT make fools only live.
I once watched a French program called ENVOYE SPECIAL, one of the themes presented was “Capital Punishment”. Some of the “convicts” who after being sentenced to be executed and were finally found NOT guilty and released, were interviewed. One of them, a Mexican, kept on fighting to prove his innocence the whole sixteen years he spent behind the bars. If this man had decided that it was not really worth it and after only one year behind the bars, he'd lost Patience for nothing to seemed to be gained out of the fight and decided to give up altogether, this man would not have been among us today.
Cancer is incurable, this is an established fact. Yet, would any one of us, if ever he or she contracts the disease, decide not to take any treatment and just sit, arms folded to pathetically await death? Of course not. Why are researches still being carried out on the possibility of finding a cure for cancer? It is because,whatever be the outcome, Patience and perseverance are always rewarding.
All beliefs preach Patience. It is with and through Patience that different religion leaders were able to conquer lands and attract people to their respective religions. Moses, Abraham, Jesus, all demonstrated Patience. The Muslim's Prophet, Mohammad (PBUH), had to wait years for people to acknowledge his prophethood and the truth of his message. The fruit of his Patience cannot be overlooked or ignored; it is simply too big.
Nearly more that half of the inhabitants of the world are of Muslim faith. A former polytheist land, like Saudi Arabia, is the living symbol of this Patience. More than that, had he been an impatient person, the Muslim's prophet would not have been able to bear the twenty five years of revelation.
There is, in the spiritual language, what is called “the Eye of the Heart”. Although it is present in most religions, the Hindus symbolize it externally by the ornament (teekah) they place on their foreheads. Basically it is a saffron colored powder which is applied after prayers. One intrinsic part of the nature of this “Eye of the Heart” is Patience. It is believed that spirituality can, in no way, be achieved without it.
In fact, when you look at it closely, Patience is everywhere. A child does not grow into an adult overnight, it takes time. This “graduality” IS Patience. In short, as soon as something involves “little by little” with the concerned person believing in the concept, there is Patience.
However, there are good and ad “patients”. Logically, the good one will be the one who hopes and waits for good and nice things to happen, whereas the bad one would hope for quite the opposite. This is the case with politicians.
The former president of Ivory Coast was as kind as a lamb with his enemies. This is what it looked like to the world. In fact, the man waited patiently for his time. He would promote his enemies, give them money, call them his est friends and slap them on the back, advice them about investments. The higher the enemy reached on the “tree” the better it was. Reaching the top of the “tree”, the enemy's downfall was more impressive and pleasurable to the “maker” of the whole situation.
The point is that,Patience being a noble virtue, it should be practiced as such, that is,one should practice it in a noble way. In fact, one should count his or her blessings for having been gifted a virtue, a priceless virtue, like Patience. As long as you are right in what you are fighting or aspiring for, be patient, bid your time and never ever let go.


darlin nikki said...

So great to go to my blog this morning and find your comments Fitena, thanks. I'm in a questioning frame of mind right now as to if I'm 'right' in what I am waiting for, is it right for me? Needing to search more of myself. I am loving the anecdotes in your essay concerning religion, prison, and medicine. How gorgeous is the 'Eye of the Heart', a visualization? I am glad to begin my day now.

suleyman said...

Truly, man was created very impatient.

Your writing is better than many native english speakers I know.


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