Tuesday, 13 December 2005

Silence (re-post)

Standing alone on the Broken Bridge,
The Broken Bridge of my soul.
Enveloped by a loud thudding heavy sound,
The loud thudding heavy sound of my beating heart.
Trying to escape the eerie images,
The eerie images in my mind,
"There is," I think "Nothing louder
"Nothing here louder
"Louder than the sound of Silence."

Walking under the watchful eye,
The Watchful eye of a bright full moon,
The full moon above the guarding trees,
A ghost like figure moving about,
Moving about, reaching forward,
Reaching forward holding me tight,
Holding me tight and warm,
Being my ONE and ONLY friend,
Silence embraces me for,
For there is nothing as loud,
As loud as the silent sound of Silence.

Tonight, tonight my sleep is light as,
As light as the kiss of a flying butterfly brushing by your cheek,
For there is a heavy sound screaming in my mind,
in my mind, in my soul and broken heart,
So loud I can touch, taste and see it,
So loud is the heavy sound,
The heavy sound,
Sound of my Silent heart,
The Silence of my heart,
My broken heart devoid of Life.


J. Star said...

Did you write that? It's really beautiful.

I'm sorry to hear of the death you wrote about a few posts ago. I know what you mean though about needing to know how it happened. I hope that those who knew him find peace.

Fitèna said...

Thnaks J. Yeah, I did. I posted it on my ex blog long before you discovered what a great blog it was:-) which is why you didn't come across it.

I hope they find peace too. It still sfeels and sounds unreal when I thik about D in the past tense.


Neil said...

Fitena, that was some amazing poetry. You really are beautiful inside and out.

Tanisha said...

That is beautil Fitena. I loved it. Keep posting. I am doing a repost as well..

Anonymous said...
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