Wednesday, 15 February 2006


Pariah” is a very disturbing movie. Horrifyingly so. I have had the opportunity of watching it a while ago. You can’t enjoy a movie which you watch wishing you were somewhere else. I did thinking about Paolo Coelho’s “The Alchemist”. Nothing happens without a purpose. Everything has a meaning. Anything might be a sign. I learned something out of this movie.

When I was still in primary school, I read the story of a little boy who lied to his friends. He pretended he lived into a castle, which you got to by crossing a drawbridge. Impressed, the friends decided to come see for themselves. Of course, some of them doubted the veracity of what he said. The little liar now had a problem; his house was a simple little white painted house half an hour from school. After worrying himself sick, he told his mother about how he lied and that his friends were coming over and his reputation would be done at school. His mother thought over the matter then advised him to welcome the friends and then tell them that the house he’d described is the house of his dreams. The one he wished he lived into.

When I read the story, it worried me and fascinated me to know that even mothers lie. Today, I wonder what the little boy turned into. A compulsive liar?
Compulsive liars – I believe the proper term is Mythomaniac – are those who have the tendency to lie frequently for no apparent reason. The profound reasons are said to be, circumstantially, the need to enhance the self’s value, the fear to displease, to provoke an argument, the fear or hurting others…
To come back to the subject of “Pariah” gave me the ideal and the most accurate illustration of the “mythomania” issue.
Scene # 1
- You know my brother died of an overdose?
- You are so full of s**t!
- Its true!
- It seems like your brother died of 50 different things!
- I had two brothers!
Scene # 2
- Oh my God! Look, a shark! My brother was eaten by a shark.
- My only brother.
Scene # 3
- I gotta tell you am really sorry about Brian…. Niggards killed my brother too.

Poor Brother, rest in Peace.


J. Star said...

Mothers lie to their children all the time when they tell them about Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, etc...

Adeline said...

all the compulsive liars I know of do it for an out of this world need for approval. it seems like so much lying comes from that.

people want approval. it doesnt even cost anything, so why not give it freely when merited?

Catman said...

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Tanisha said...

LOL, FItena that is funny.. Yeah I know about lying. Some lie to save face. Don't forget that big one. Thanks for stopping by and your comment..TTYl

Jack's Shack said...

Sometimes you have to lie to protect others. Life is not black and white, there are many shades of gray.

Fitèna said...

J*, true!

Adeline, If the approval is deserved I don't think its not given, one wouldn't even need to lie to get it, right?

Jack, I wouldn't call that lying. Window dressing the truth, maybe?!