Tuesday, 14 February 2006


The Sky is Blue, My Love is true, whom I love is you... Oops, that's a side effect of Valentine's Day. Wrong story but Happy Valentine's Day still to all of you people! May you life be full of love!

Leaves are green, the sky is blue, I am always black, you are sometimes red, green, yellow or rosy pink. Color matching is an obsession with me, you might not care what you wear as long as you're comfortable. We're beautiful, we're different.

As far as I can recall, I hated uniforms, school uniforms. I went to a primary school where we didn't have to wear them. Even if we had, we would have been about a 1/4 of the school population to be able to afford the uniforms. They were very poor the kids in my school. The boys came to school with a slate and chalk. No books, no copybooks. They came to school wearing their underwear only. I used to think it was funny then. I was a child, I was cruel.

Am getting out of subject here, lets get back to the uniforms. I hated wearing it to secondary school here in Mauritius. It was an ugly uniform at that! I think I unconsciously picked jobs where I didn't have to wear no uniform. It's so depressing to see people dressed alike. The sight greets me every morning, by the time the day is over I get used to it. The next day it depresses me even more that the day before. Uniforms everywhere. School uniforms, work uniforms.

The uniformed people even talk and act alike. They have the same attitudes, the same mannerisms. It's terrible! Some lucky employees are lucky; they get to personalize their uniforms. A brooch here, a scarf there. And the uniformed also huddle together in groups and whisper furiously to each other while darting suspicious looks around.

I understand uniforms in certain fields; medical, military, cuisine etc... I just don't see the point for, for example, school teachers to dress alike, which they're going to do soon in a school I know. I've been reading about the politics behind school uniforms, how's its been noted that it reduces violence. Am skeptic though.

Am starting to make peace with the uniforms since I observed this other phenomenon which has been prevailing for the last couple of years. I thought it was my eyes playing tricks on me or that I was just imagining it but no! I did see Ciara yesterday! No, wait a minute, I actually saw 2, no... 4 Ciaras yesterday! I guess Alicia Keys is out. Before her, it was Eve. A new video is released and all the girls turn into the singer. Dress like her, talk like her, chew the gum like her, walk like her... be her. It's terrible.

The boys are more faithful to their choices. They were and still are 50 Cent. They even talk with the mouth sideways. I think they have no idea the guy was shot into the region of the mouth which is why he talks the way he does. Oh my God, tell them not, who knows, they might try and get their cheeks shot too!

The Sunday before last, I went to Flic en Flac. My friend owns a three floor bungalow there. We went up on the terrace to breath in the fresh sea air and enjoy the view. As far as the eye could see from where I was sitting were bungalows, all with blue roofs. I was told they are owned by the same person. I stayed up ten minutes and couldn't stand the blue no more. That's sad, blue was my favorite color.


Faisal ... said...

:-D So many teenagers want to be some other stars. This is the common culture of teenagers around the world :-D

Fitèna said...

So sadly true!

June-An said...

Well.. talking about uniforms... when you stand in front of your wardrobe in the morning for like 15-30 minutes, trying to figure out WHAT THE HECK TO WEAR, you end up making a secret wish... uniform oh uniform! Of course customization is an art, subtly but gracefully. :D

Fitèna said...

June Girl, you ain't supposed to stand in front of your wardroe in the MORNING! "customization" as in "Oh, I have no problem with clothes, we're customized!" :-) Really depressing!

June-An said...

Er.. wot am I supposed to do in the MORNING?! Please.. tell me.. oh tell me SLEEP!!!