Thursday, 23 March 2006

Don't worry, be crazy

When I was still is primary school, I read about this saint. I don't remember his name or the title of the book. All I remember is me thinking that the guy was too much a fool and couldn't possibly the saint and great person the author of the book was making him to be. What did I know? I was but a child. I thought I was so smart.
It said that, in Baghdad (I think) lived this pious man whose every action and every word was for Him only. One day - I remember not in what circumstances - he asked God to free him. The next minute he lost his mind.
I remember thinking that I'd better never ask to be set free from anything. I remember wondering how, for all his knowledge, the saint didn't realize he was making a mistake. I remember this tale worrying me a lot.
Now, I wonder.

Lately I've been thinking about GrisGris a lot. He's mad, GrisGris. We used to make fun of him. He'd chase us around laughing hard. He was very dirty and had the dirtiest looking dreadlocks. He walked as if he was getting electrocuted at each step. That made us laugh so hard our tummies ached. Kids can be so very cruel, no?
We'd talk about GrisGris and decide that if we were in his shoes, we'd never laugh. We'd be miserable. We'd cry the whole tie till someone took pity on us and cured us. We thought so because we were sane. GrisGris, now I realize, had no such worries. Man, he must be (if he's still alive) the happiest man on earth.

Wars. Money. Diseases. Betrayal. Blood. Bombs. Hiroshima. Poison. Stabbing. Petrol. Globalisation. Capitalism. Hate. Dictatorship. Discrimination. Terror. Crimes against humanity. Run away children. Racism. Prostitution. Holocaust. Nuclear Bombs. What do they mean to him? What does he care about all of them, GrisGris.
He's cool, he's "zen", he's merry, he's happy. How I envy him.
Read Suley. Free Abdul Rahman.
An Afghan is held and risks execution. Why? Because he converted from Islam to Christianism.
Religion and Faith are between one and his God. Who are we to play God, judge and decide which religion and what path our fellow human beings should follow. Is this Islam?! This is TOTALLY Absurd!


Egan said...

Ah, je vois votre ordinateur marche bien maintenant. Bon courage avec des choses. Have a good weekend Fitena. A plus tard.

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