Friday, 31 March 2006

Flesh Remembrances

The most thing happened. I was curled in bed. Reading a book - Geaorge by Alexandre Dumas - when it happened. I have this necklace I like playing with. I do it when am distracted or annoyed or nervous. Here I was just engrossed in the novel. At one point I turned in ed and pulled the necklace and it scrapped my neck. It burned a little and I had the most vivid flash back. I was puzzled and went to ask mum about it. She looked at me in disbelief and said "you can't possibly remember this! You weren't even three year old!" But I did.

When I was not een three years old, my bigger cousins took me for a wedding dance not far from our place. I had this necklace my mum made me word. The pendant was engraved with some verses of the Quran. When we came back home, the necklace had disappeared. My mum said I told her someone had pulled it. How I came to remember this I have no idea. I guess the flesh just remembers.

In this case I had no scare or anything to remind me of the event. I remember other events for for the presence of scares.

The third finger of my left hand has a slight bump at the tip when seen palm ap. When I was five, I almost took my finger off playing with a strip. My mum did wnat it to be stiched and she just bandaged it, thus the memento.

When I was 61/2 - this I'll never forget - given enough time, my cousin would have cut off my right foot toe. With a knife. I just stood there paralised while he was sawing my toe away. His mother saw us and screamed. The aunties and my mother came running and pulled him away from me. I started crying. His mother's screams had scared me.

At 8 I was bitten by a dog.

At 12 I hurt myself riding a motorcyle - A P50. This one was real bad. My ankle was grazed by I couldn't even remember what when I was asked and this little wound I thought was no big deal got infected. God, it hurt. Took more than a month to heal. It still itches when it gets cold or there's too much humidity.

At 15 I broke my ankle playing foot ball with the boys at school. I had to go to scholl with cructhes. It was fun.

Now, am an adult.


Neil said...

It's amazing how a little thing can bring back a big memory.

M said...

I'm an "adult," too, and have accumulated more scars, bumps, and scrapes in each of the last 2 years than in the entire first 22 of my life combined.
Growin' up is fer wussies!

Fitèna said...

Neil, I came accross this paper during the weekend where psychologists affirm that the body/skin does have a memory. According to them that explains why some people are more affectionate than others. It depends on how much they've been cuddled, touched and kissed when they were infants.

M, maybe adult isn't the word I should have put there!!! Am shortsighted and tend to hurt myself when I don't put my specs on.


GirlGoyle said...

Hi...thanks for visiting my blog. I like to stay anonymous on it so I'll answer your question here...I'm from all over 'rica. I like to define myself as Nilotic. Born where the Nile is and followed it up stream through the years. I miss 'rica very much and one day I hope to return to live there.

ChickyBabe said...

Incredible what some incidents can trigger in our minds.

Fitèna said...

Girlgoyle, mention not! You're Egyptian, Sudanese... Doesn't matter.... I hope I go back to 'rica soon too!!!

Chickybabe, n'es-ce pas?!


suleyman said...

The human brain is certainly a fantastic thing. I've never experienced anything exactly like what you experienced, but I have had my senses trigger memories.


GirlGoyle said...

Hi Fitena...I'm actually European born and raised in 'rica. My family is European but were in 'rica for work when I was born. I will be back soon. I actually travel to it about once a year. As per your post...funny that you should've had a flashback of the flesh. They say the sense of smell is the strongest sense to trigger memory. Odd.

Fitèna said...

Suley, you wouldn't believe the numer of things i remember for no particular reason and

Girgoyle, the oddest this is that am what you call a "scater brin" (?) where the simplest things are concerned... forgetting people I se everyday's names...

This starting to get me worried...


Justine said...

Hello Fitena, I'm glad you still have your toe.
Most of my childhood, I never saw my mother cry. But there is this time I remember when she and her father were really really crying a lot. I remember it being my grandmother's sudden death - but no one believes me, because she died when I was less than a year old.
If you consider what a quiet family we were/are, and what chaos an unexpected death causes, I don't think its unreasonable to believe that a baby could remember something like that.

Fitèna said...

Justine I don't thing its unreasonalble either. I remember things my mum can't believe I do either. The human mind is such that it does not believe what it cannot comprehend. Happy and sad momments are bound to mark us one way or the other, whatever our age.