Thursday, 6 April 2006

A Ball Story

Once upon a time in a little village of the World. Man walking down the street. He's happy, he's merry. He seems so. But he has a secret. A terrible, terrible secret. A secret not to be told even to the wind lest it tell it to the trees. He wants to talk about it but talking about it would be even more dangerous than what the secret is about. So he keeps it to himself.

One day, Man trips. There's a “fil indienne” of Women heading back from the market in front of him. Man, did not do it in purpose but he stumbles into Woman One, then Woman Two, Then Women Three. The Four of them turn into a human Ball which goes racing down the road.

The Ball passes into towns and villages of World and takes any Person in its way along with it. The Ball gets bigger and bigger. It is black, white, yellow and red.

A yard with Children playing football. A shadow falls across them. They look up. Its the Ball, its coming down on them. They have no time to run and the Ball isn't slowing. The Ball passes and the Children are no longer there. They've been taken too.
Mother humming a lullaby to Child. The Ball does no come near them, its trajectory is different and then, Mother is Man's wife. He'd stumbled into her first.
Man is gone. Had things been different he would have prevented the tragedy and been a hero. But he couldn't because the World's society does not allow it. He would have been miserable. He would have lost his job. He wouldn't have been able to feed his family. Wife would have left him. Friends would have deserted him. Even those whose job it is to help him would have turned away from him. He would have explained it all. Explained that they could touch, hold and kiss him. That they could love and help him. But they weren't, are not and might never be ready to listen.
Those who saw the Ball passing swore they heard Man sobbing. Asking to watch out for other Balls.

[This week the Sidaction had a number of activities, in France. Line Renaud was guest at the Grand Journal de Canal + to discuss the Sidaction's activities, the problems faced by those infected by the virus of HIV. The story is actually a 40 seconds an ad which was run.
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This is a post to celebrate The International Quelque Chose Day]


Egan said...

Thanks for the Sidaction link. That's a very near and dear cause for me.

Fitèna said...

Egan, you're most welcome. I think that this is a cause which should be near and dear to everyone. We're all concerned. Et ceci devrait nous interpeller.


Le laquet said...

Everyone needs to be aware of the damage the HIV/AIDS is doing I think that afet the furore of public service announcement on British TV in the 90s that things have become very quiet ... and more people are still contracting the disease! We ALL need to listen!

I'm visiting via Michele's.

Fitèna said...

Laquet, the same feeling goes here. I've been to a workshop organised by the Council of Religions of Mauritius and the UNAIDS representatives. You wouldn't believe the figures. The general view was that, its unfortunate, but an indifference is prevailing regarding this disease.


ChickyBabe said...

Ca, c'est quelque chose d'important. Good post Fitena.

Fitèna said...

Thank you Chicky!


Paige said...

Hi here via Michele's

Linda said...

Interesting analogy. Would that the world could see it this way - but they choose to be blind.

Michele sent me today.

GirlGoyle said...

I think it is a very powerful ad and quite clear. However I don't see how he could've been a hero unless man had kept it in his pants. HIV in Africa is a tough issue to erradicate seeing that it clashes with cultural behaviors such as poligamy and widespread prostitution. Educational campaigns might help the young but it's difficult to change a culture.

Fitèna said...

Linda, Thanks for coming by. There's a french saying wchich says "l'espoir fait vivre les imbéciles" (hope makes the imbeciles live). If its true, the so be it. We shall hope for the day we cease to e blind to this issue.


Fitèna said...

Girgoyle, believe me, just telling others that you're seropositive is heroic in the society we live in. Now, you're right, man should have just kept it in his pants but then, man is mn right? Human nature and all!

as far as the difficulty of eradicating HIV is concerned, what I said to Linda above...

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