Monday, 10 April 2006

Money, Money, Money, must be funny....

Yesterday I understood what “little pleasures” of life mean. I wondered why we always carve for more. Why we are never content with what we have. Why when its cold we're mad and wish it were hot and when its hot we're mad and wish it were cold. Human nature. I guess.

My sister and me went to the market. “La Foire” (the bazaar). The end of the month is long gone and we're broke but we went anyway. Just to browse and ohhh ahhh at the displays. It was real fun. I then treated us with Kebabs. We took yogurts and decided to go sit in the municipality's garden and enjoy lunch. Which we did. Immensely. We made up lives for the people around us. Reminisced about life in Niger, Côte d'Ivoire and Sudan. Remembered a picnic we had December of last year with friends who came to mean a lot to us. It was beautiful. There were pigeons around. The sky was so blue and the weather so good. And I started wondering. Why are we never satisfied?

The French news reported about this 16 year old kid who is in coma for rescuing another teenager. The latter was on the point of being racketed at the gate of their high school. The aggressor is 14 years old.

Can you believe that? What can possibly drive a 14 year old to such violence. To say that its materialistic gain would be simplist but it is the case. He went on this kid with the intention of getting off with a mobile phone, an i pod, money.

On Envoyé Spécial, there was a doc on “Mules”. Its a term used to name those who transport drugs inside their bodies from one country to another. With the ultra sophisticated devices used in airport now, many are found out and arrested.

They interviewed this woman who said that t the time she did not measure the consequences. She had trouble making ends meet and decided why not go ahead with the transaction. She was going to get paid for it. The money would be welcome. Only, she got arrested. In a foreign country. With no money. With her children left motherless back home.

When I was a kid, someone mentioned Dalida to me. They told me she committed suicided and explained that it meant that she killed herself. I was horrified and fascinated. Since I'd been told about all the places she sang and the very important people she met and the money she had, i concluded that she got bored and went to see what the hereafter looked like. This belief strangely stayed with me for a very long time. All the people who were committing suicide and whom I was hearing about were all rich. I now know that people chose to end their lives for many reasons. Many of which we might never know, so incomprehensible it seems at times.

Killing for more. Stealing for more. Trafficking for more. Lying for more. Betraying for more. More money, more power, more standing, more appreciation.

I think that Jean Jacques Goldman is absolutely right when he sings

"If I had this,
If I had that,
I would be this,
I would be that
Without things I would not exist
I don't attract attention
Am envious of what others have
I die from what I don't own
Things give me an identity”

My mind is created for my own thoughts, which am sharing above, you're entitled to yours. And I want to hear them.


Hyperion said...

You are so sweet, Fitèna. The world needs more of you

Fitèna said...

Gee, thanks Hype! C'est gentil.


GirlGoyle said...

If I were a rich man....all day long I would bidy bidy bom...

From fiddler on the roof. I don't know why people are never satisfied. I guess in some cases it's a good thing because it gives drive. But then...I believe you reach a certain point and you should be giving back - maybe that would give one a sense of satisfaction they haven't yet experienced. is selfish my dear.

ChickyBabe said...

It's not often we look at what we have compared to what we want. It doesn't hurt to do it more often.

Fitèna said...

GG, It occurs to me that not only are we not satisied but we're envious of the fact that others are! C'est compliqué hein?!

Chicky, Chicky, la voix de la sagesse! :-) You're so right!


Elisabeth said...

Hey, Fitèna - Thanks for the comment on my blog. What is the title of the Goldman song? (I don't really like his voice, but I like the songs he writes.)

javed said...

Nice post there...makes you wonder a lot.

I think there is always an alternative to stealing or doing illegal stuffs to gain money this is where education comes along , unfortunately not everyone has access to this and may explain why some people try the easy way out.

However rich you are does necessarily make you a happy person.

I always remember this story of someone on Eid's day who is so sad that he has not enough money to buy himself a decent pair of shoes , whilst going to the mosque he comes along another guy going to prayer and who has just one leg. The guy then suddenly realises that money is just not everything having a good health , a loving family and friends to care about you can mean much more.

J. Star said...

Oh Fitena, I love this post. It is just how I have been feeling lately...struggling with feeling as though it's hard to make ends meet, and not seeing all the beautiful things around me. This was a nice reminder to take a pause and have a look. Thank you for writing this!


suleyman said...

I don't want a lot, I just want to be able to live without owing anybody anything.


atpanda said...

Such sad examples!

We all want for more, don't we? I bet even the richest men aren't satisfied with what they have.

Good post F.


Fitèna said...

Elisabeth, the title is "Les choses" if am not mistaken. I don't like his voice either. You're right, the lyrics are awsome. You should listen to "C'est un gout sur tes levres". A magnificient song!

Javed, Education is important but I wouldn't talk of education here. I think the word is instruction, in the sens of moral values etc. They don't really teach you that in scholl. Its something every parent and responsible citizen of the world aught to try to inculcate onto others. Believe me, It deos not take diplomas to make you a good person. Just look around you.
I love the story, I remember reading it.

J*, You're welcome. it happens to us all J, we all forget the beautiful people and things around us. Its normal. And this makes us even more grateful for having what we have and make us appreciate them more.

Suley, You're onto something I completely forgot to mention. Debt is such a social and economical problem here you wouldn't believe it. People living on debts all their life and working to pay the debts all their life. Its terrible. This is something I am extremely grateful about; being taught to make do with what I have and if I don't have something, to make sure I don't need it.

Atpanda, "Such sad examples", unfortunately.
There's a prophetic saying about how if the son of Adam is given mountains of gold, it wouldn't be enough. I think that the richest man want to be richer yet.