Wednesday, 26 April 2006

Person's Story

When Person was a child, Person had Mother and Father. Later came Brother and Sister. A Family. With its ups and downs. The essence of every relation.

When Person turned into an adolescent, Person saw things differently. There were differences and clashes. Person thought nobody cared. Person fought a lot with brother and Sister, Mother and Father. Person vowed to do everything in order to be able to escape from Family and be alone. Nothing like being alone.

Soon after finishing studies paid by both Mother and Father, Person took off.
Great life.

Person goes far enough from Family so they don't drop over unexpected. Person sends one card, two cards, three cards then zero card back home. Mother and Father call because they are worried. Person changes phone number and forgets to communicate new number. Mother and father receive a postcard from different places of the planet.

When asked by neighbours about Person, Mother and Father proudly smile and say “Person is a Big Person now, hangs around the VIPs”.

The neighbours are jealous because their children haven't made so well in life.

Person's favourite song goes like this:

"I live in MY own apartment
paid by My own money
I come home when I want to
invite whoever I want
make MY own food
with My own hands
eat what I like
go where I want
and then I blog about it all
on MY blog
about MY life
I don't need nobody, no no no, nobody”

One day Mother and Father die. Funeral. Brother and Sister are there. They are inconsolable. The neighbours wonder where person is. Nobody knows. They don't ask Sister. She was so upset the last time they asked her. They don't ask Brother either, he'd turned so red when they'd asked him. The neighbour wonder what happened to Person. Nobody knows.

Person cannot be contacted since there's no address and phone number. Person hears about it through the relative of a person who knew someone who knew someone else who has someone who lives in Person's childhood town.
Person is distressed. There were so many things that haven't been shared with the Parents. Person tries to explain it all to Soul Mate. Soul Mate is puzzled “you never ever mentionned them, I never asked because I thought they were dead!”

Person contacts Sister. A child answers then shouts “Mummy! Phone! A person! Daddy, call Mummy!”

Person is shocked, Sister has a child? Sister is married?
- Hello, says Person.
- .....
- Sister, it's me.
- (crying, sobs)
- Sister, please (crying) am sorry... am so sorry...
- SORRY? You're sorry? Shouts Sister.

Sister slams the phone down.

Person does not call Brother. Person thinks, it's no use.
The years pass and Sister and Brother talk about Person. Maybe the phone would ring one day and it would be Person. Maybe person would realise that Sister was sad and that's why she'd slammed the phone down and not because she hated Person. Person is Family.

Brother has another opinion. He thinks Person cares about one person on earth and that's Person. Person, the forever sorry for Person's own ass. Person, who thinks that the whole world revolves around Person.

The years pass and Person thinks they hate Person to death. Person's favourite song is still the same but it lacks... its lacks warmth, affection, understanding... Person has friends but at the end of the day they all go back to their families. Person is Lonely.

“Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family.

Whatever you call it, whoever you are,

you need one.”

Jane Howard


ChickyBabe said...

That's a very sad story. Sometimes we take our family for granted in favour of friends or a chosen lifestyle, but there's nothing thicker than blood, is there...

Fitèna said...

No Chicky, I don't think there is. You know what actually inspired me? 24 hr Chrono. Bauer is going to kill Shopell and asks him whether there's any one he wishes to call and talk to efore its over. Shopell says no, he has one brother only and he hadn't been talking to hi for a long long time. The look on his face... i know its just make elieve... but I was so sad...


darlin nikki said...

great story, my heart stung a little from person's pride, maybe stung a little for person too.

Fitèna said...

Yes NIkki, I know what you mean. I felt sad and mad at Person while writing the story. Sad because I wouldn't want to be in his shoes and mad because he put himself there.


Adeline said...

Geez I need to call my mom.

Fitèna said...

Go Adeline! Go! ;-)

Anonymous said...

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