Monday, 29 May 2006

The Arrival

The whole village of Ar-Rayat in Sudan is there. They came by bus, car, donkeycart, bicycle, foot. In Ar-Rayat everybody is related. One way or the other. In times of happiness or sorrow, they're all there to share with you.

The doctors are complaining and asking the relatives to please step outside. No one is listening or paying any attention to them. The doctors sigh and attempt to work around them.

A lady is crying. Her mother is holding her hand and telling her Everything is going to be allright. You'll be fine. Don't be afraid. Stay Calm.

The crying lady cries harder and screams from time to time. The lady holding her hand is praying. Praying that her daughter would be fine. Wishing her son-in-law were there and not in a plane somewhere over The Red Sea. She clutches her daughter's hand and prays.

The Crying Ladies sisters come and peek in on her fromtime to time. She's doing fine they tell the relatives outside. They smile when they hear her crying. It won't take long now they say.

It's time says the nurse. The doctor comes and they take the crying lady in. She screams for her mother.

The doctor talks to her and tells her to stay calm and eveything will be ok. She tries to stay calm but its hard. She's terrified. The nurse holds her hand and talks to her and instructs her. Breath in. Yea. Good. That's it. Good. You're doing fine.

Come here. Says the doctor. I see you. Here. Here!!! Congratulations! You have a lovely baby girl! Your first!

This day, twenty five years ago, I was born.

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Faltenin said...

Joyeux anniversaire, Fi!

Tout plein de gros bisous!

Fitèna said...

Merci! Mecri beaucoup Fal!


Justine said...

happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday Dear Fitena...
happy birthdaaaay tooooo youuuuu!

kimananda said...

Happy birthday! How wonderful that I've found your blog in time to celebrate with you!

jackt said...

YOU are a miracle child! When I was born, I could not speak, understand language, or hear anything that was said by anybody while I was still in the womb!!! WOW!!! ;)

jackt said...

Happy birthday!

aadil said...

Happy beuf day! So you're one year older than me. ^^

ChickyBabe said...

Beautifully done, Fitena :).

Joyeux Anniversaire et gros bisoux!

The Great Saphenous said...

¡Feliz cumpleaños, querida Fitèna, y muchos más!

Fitèna said...
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Adeline said...

happy birthday, what a great way to announce, great little retelling!

Fitèna said...

*clapclapclap* *pffffttt* *blowing candles*
You have a great voice Justine! You can hold notes that long!? wow!:-O
Thank you!

kimananda, thank you! Isn't that great!? :-)

lol jackt! I thought you'd already figured that out! tssst tsst! lol!

Merci beaucoup jackt!

aadil, am I? :-) Does it matter ? :-O Thanks!

Merci encore CBChérie! Tu es adorable!

The Great Saphenous, Muchas gracias querido(hope I got that right):-)

Heather, thanks tons!

Wow! Guys thank you so very much! I really appreciate this. Thank you! Merci!


Sophia said...

Happy Birthday, Fitena to you, and your new des abdo en béton!

Fitèna said...

lol! Sophia! Not yet en béton! :-)
Thank you!!