Wednesday, 24 May 2006

Cooking, marriages and Mauritius....

[Loaded this is from my old home.
Some modifications have been brought in
and many corrections.
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All my adolescence I spent here. In Mauritius. This island is more home to me than any other place I've been. Not that I prefer it or anything of that sort but in the sens that its where I've stayed longer. I've come to sometimes wish we'd never leave. I hate good-byes. And till now I still haven't returned back to any of the places we've lived before. I thus don't know and ain't sure am going to see my present friends soon, if ever, if we leave. Not that am seeing them that much anyway.

My friends are all married. Most of them anyway. Those aren't yet are either committed or engaged.

Whenever I go visit a friend, the mother, aunt or grand mother would ak me: “are you single?” I answer “no am Fitèna."

Of course I don't say that, but I wish I could. Too bad am such a polite-good-mannered-girl (sigh).

I worry them. They ask me why? you're a girl, they remark, You must marry! I sigh again and and shrug. i quit sighing the day they started thinking I was desperate because no one proposed to me. Now I scowl and shrug.

Some grandmas call me a spinster. Am 24 years old. Hilarious really, if it wasn't so irritatingly sad.

I had this friend. B was her name. We did three classes together. Form 2 (back when I was englishically ignorant) up to form 4. In form 3 we get to have to choose our subjects. In form 4 some of us go to either science, literature or accounts sections. I was in no particular section.

I took English, French, Maths – which are compulsory – Arabic, Commerce, Economy, Accounts and Home Economics. What Home Economics had to do with all the other subjects, I don't know, I just loved eating, cooking and eating and wanted to know what I shouldn't be eating in order to lose weight put on from eating the food I loved cooking.

Anyway, B and I were in Home Economics together. We did mock exams every two weeks to help us cope with the pressure of the real exams and also to master time management to make good use of the 2 hours alloted to us to do our cooking, setting up, serving and washing up.

We were assigned questions like: Your mother is sick. She has a deficiency of calcium and suffers from High B. P. Prepare and serve her an appropriate breakfast.

I hated those questions. My favourites wre the ones where we're asked to prepare stuff for a birthday party or a summer buffet ouvert. Those were great. You cook almost whatever you want. Home Economics was super.

We had to start and end it all in two hours. Not a minute more. You lose marks if you take more time.

So, B. once had an easy question. She had to prepare a meal for 4 teenagers. All she had to do was to bear in mind the fact that they were in the process of growing up etc... and needed extra proteins etc. Her Time Plan (we have to submit it prior to the cooking) was fine. Mrs O, the teacher said GO and we started.

I baked a cake that day. A sponge cake. Finger licking good fruit and whipped cream sponge cake. That was the dessert. For the meal I prepared a Salade de Couscous, Grilled spicy chicken, Tomato Chutney, Creamed Lentils and a fruit cocktail. Mrs O teacher beamed at me when she came over to my already set table. And I'd already done all my washing up. Bravo, she said to me. I went to sit and watch my fellow class mates at work.

What was B doing? I learned it soon enough. Mrs O started yelling at poor B. Why? Because, B was still in Step 1 of Part 1 of first dish - not meal, dish! She was deep frying a drumstick. You won't believe this (even I couldn't), but this girl had been frying chicken the whole two hours and done nothing, nada, rien, zilch at all apart that. And some of it was burnt.

You know what? The year after, she did not come to school. She'd gotten married during the holidays. Unbelievable.

I wonder sometimes what her husband, if he's still alive and hasn't starved to death, looks like.

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ChickyBabe said...

Poor husband... Maybe he's overweight from all the frying she'd been doing. Just imagine their kids!

But a spinster at 24? That's absurd!

Ma chère Fitèna, j'ai vu ta photo sur to vieux blog. Tu n'as rien a craindre avec ta beaute!

Egan said...

I love your reading about your life. Merci pour toutes les histoires. Et je suis d'accord avec Chicky à propos de ton visage. Ne changez rien! Tu as 25 ans, tu es jeune.

jackt said...

I hope he likes fried chicken. Sheesh.

Je would comment en le francais, mais je ne parle pas le francais comme chickybabe et egan! Mais si vous voudrais converse en binary computer language it would be mon plaiser to oblige. :)

atpanda said...

This one cracks me up! But you know what? 24 is just the beginning of the fun! No worries lady!
Also, I totally went to a wedding where they had that same cake topper!

Fitèna said...

Chère ChickyBabe, Merci pour le compliment! ça fait toujours plaisir! Et t'as raison: Je suis TROP jeune encore! :-)
I actaully called her mum's place yesterday and she gave me B. number. He husbband must be real fine considering the fact that they have three very rowdy kids from what I could hear in the background. She was real surprised and sounded pleased to hear from me.

Egan, I love reading about my life too ;-) Je t'en prie. ça me fait plaisir de faire plaisir! Et merci pour le compliment *je rougis*!

jacques, je ne moquerais pas de tes fautes alors pas de problème à parler français OK! Je sais ce que c'est, pour l'anglais, j'ai du passer par beaucoup de misère pour le parler et l'écrire assez correctement!
What they do a lot here, is eating at the parents-in-law almost all the time. Maybe they did that :-) I'm sure she learnt eventually. Necéssité oblige!

atpanda, Don't worry be Happy! I shall worry not! And yeah, it was your brother's weeding! I saw the pics with his friend in a very strange attire!


jackt said...

Ok your Francais is WAAAAYYY to advanced. I actually could speak at one time.

"But now I have to use the Babelfish translator. Here is how it translated your comment:
I would not make fun of your faults then not of problem to speak French OK! I know what it is, for English, I have to pass by much misery for the speech and to write it rather correctly!"

Fitèna said...

lol jackt! What a translator! Lol! I don't think its rendering you any service! lol! Advanced - which it ought to be *chuckles* - or not, you must have gotten the point! I think thats the most important thing to learn first, the words can come later!


Egan said...

The level of suckitude with Babelfish is what keeps me working. Thank god for crap technology. Un gros merci pour le logiciel!

javed said...

that was funny ..hahhaah... but does that mean by any chance that you can cook for your fellow mauritian blog readers that dont live ver far away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Am already feeling hungry and its only 8:32 am aaaaaaaaaaaa

Fitèna said...

Egan, you noticed that too?! lol! Je l'ai essayer pour d'autres textes et les traductions sont à se tordre de rire!

javed, I do a marvelous briyani! We'll work that out once we get to meet. Take a day off!!! I'll talk to Fadia.


Lil Bit said...

... and the Q's don't stop after you get married, either. They're just dif, i.e., 1 particular one:
"Sooo, when are y'all having KIDS?"
Grrr. ;)

javed said...

aha biryani my favorite ..miaammm .. ok will take leave as soon as possible miaam tell fadia too

Fitèna said...

lol! lil Bit, thats so very right!! Why don't people mind their own business anyway, huh?

Javed, I'll do that! I've yet to hear a mauritian say they don't like briyani!


Justine said...

"She'd gotten married during the holidays. Unbelievable."
LOL :-)

Fitèna said...

Oh Justine, but that pretty common here. They do it all the time! By the time we reach Form 5 (fith secindary year), half our classmates (girls) are married!


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