Tuesday, 16 May 2006


Now you understand why here it's All for oneself and God for all, asked my other neighbour. It was a rhetorical question. But let me first tell you about it from the start.

I have mean mean mean neighbours. They live downstairs. It's not their fault they're so mean. We, somehow, drove them to this méchanceté. How? We were too nice.

When we first came to Mauritius, we were miserable in our neighbourhood. We came from a place where no one is on just a "hello how are you" basis. There, people care about each other. It’s no pretence. They really do. They visit each other in times of sickness, happiness, sorrow... They don't spy on each other peeping behind a curtain. Here it was all the opposite. Not for long..

We, being the people we are, set about seducing the neighbourhood. At first, some were very reluctant to let us come to their places but soon we were almost at everybody's and everyone was at our place. And we lived happily till they moved in.
We went to welcome them. They thought it was very nice to have neighbours such as us. Soon they came over. I don't know why, but we never went over to their place which you might put on the account of female intuition.

Anyway, they had a daughter and another on the way. The baby born, the mum asked whether we could look after her while she was gone somewhere. Mum said yeah sure, avec plaisir. I said, what you're not sure you're going to end, better not start. Mum said why are you so hard?.

Days and months passed and the kids (the two of them now) were staying longer and longer. One day Mum said Am tired. The month of Ramadan is near and I wouldn’t be able to rest with the kids around. We told mum to just tell the lady. She didn't so I did. Lady told me he kids would be no trouble and Mum can sleep and they'll just sit as sage comme des images. I asked her whether she bought her nerve by the kilos. Of course I didn't. I told mum to take care of it. Mum was very frank with lady but lady and hubby took it very very very bad. How could we refuse? Who do we think we are anyway?.

Two days later cops ringing the bell. The downstairs neighbour had called them on us because we're doing too much noise. We spoke with them. They were real nice. They spoke to the neighbour saying what God knows and were gone.

Three days later, same scene, same cops. The sixth time they came for the same reason we asked them to come in for a cup of tea, we'd become friends. They accepted. One of them told us about his mother-in-law who lives with them upstairs and how the sounds made up just resounds down and that there's nothing to be done about it. They asked how many we were we said 7 and they said there's bound to be some noise; you can't tiptoe in your own house. We said of course. They thanked us and went to chat with the neighbour..

Hubby, waiting outside, seeing them taking so long must have thought they were giving us a hard hard time or maybe they were arresting us. We opened the window to see his face falling when he saw them turning the corner alone. Just the two of them. He looked up at us, scowled and demanded to know why the cops weren't doing anything. Cops calmly told him that what he complained about was pretty normal. They explained that had we been disturbing the neighbourhood at some specific hours with loud music and stuff they could take steps to remedy the situation.

Neighbour is mean but also pretty stupid. He found nothing sensible else to ask the cops apart: "You're not doing anything because am not giving you money (bribe)"..

The cops embarked him.

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jackt said...

Those neighbors are not very neighborly. You should play an un-neighborly prank on them.

aadil said...

You could run them over in a car. It's a suggestion. ^^

darlin nikki said...

those folks could stand to get over themselves - what a selfish outlook! if only it were as easy as holding a mirror up to their faces...

ChickyBabe said...

Let me get this straight, they want your mum to look after THEIR children??

"Sage comme des images" - I've never known any kids that good!

Fitèna said...

jackt, I wish I was bad bad bad! I'll keep that in mind though!

aadil, You had me scared here. Man, I wouldn't want to be on the wrong side of you. Huh, its a suggestion! Oh lala!

darlin nikki, Selfish doesn't even say half of it. And hypocrits too at that. This post is a very light. I'll keep the hard version for later, maybe!

Yes, ChickyBabe, that's just it. We were doing them a favour and get insulted for saying NO can do just once!

They g=have to be des images in order to be sages. I love kids but theirs were very to their parents image.


ChickyBabe said...

"They have to be des images in order to be sages." - that's beautiful, Fitena, I'll have to remember that one! :)

Justine said...

That's extreme behavious you're getting from your "neighbours", Fitena! How awkward.

We have a neighbour on one side who is bad, too. She screams at her child every day, and says things like, "What's wrong with you? Other people's children aren't like this!"

It is very sad that she has so little support, and the child pays such a price.

Egan said...

Wow, you can bribe police officers everywhere can't you? Apartment neighbors can be so iffy. Sometimes you get great ones and other times you get the crack dealer.

Fitèna said...
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Fitèna said...

ChickyBabe, Thank you! No copyright on it for you, you have permission to steal it!

Justine, that's the house next door you're describing. I wouldn't write about it even if i wished too. Just too sad, they don't only get screamed up but slapped around too. Three kids. Its terrible!

Egan, Seems like our neighbour fell on the real good cops, unfortunately for them!
Its not an appartment really. The landlord had the house built for his two sons. We're on the 1st floor and they're on the down floor. We don't even share the same entry. I'll post a plan next time!


Justine said...

oh :-(
I was hoping my horrid neighbour was 'one of a kind'. What makes it worse is she is so nice to my face. She should pick on people her own size.

At least you've managed to stand up to them.

Fitèna said...

Justine, Those are the most pernicious. Its better when they say it to your face, then you know how to go about dealing with them!!


atpanda said...

I'm telling you, we loved our last house until some horrible neighbors moved in. They were so bad we had to move. I feel really bad for you!

suleyman said...

My neighbor does not like it when I cut his grass by accident (our property sits right next to his) and he gets upset when the grass clippings ejected from the lawnmower wind up in his yard or on his driveway. It's funny, actually, because our yard is healthier than his.


Fitèna said...

atpanda, you moved?! I feel bad for you! They must have be real real bad!

LOL! That's funny suley ;-) Sounds like the kind of people who find fault with anything!


Faltenin said...

I'll have to read through more of your posts!

I loved Mauritius. Especially the vendors who sold spiced up fruit by the beach. Have with a beer!

Fitèna said...

Bienvenu à toi Faltenin! Weren't they just yummy!? :-) I love Mauritius too and will miss it so when we leave! snif nif!


aadil.mu said...

You're leaving when and for what reasons, Fitena? And we haven't even met in the flesh! :(

Fitèna said...

aadil, i'd be happy to meet you in the "flesh"! :-) Oh, why we're leaving? we just have to....