Monday, 8 May 2006


What is the world coming to? What are we turning into? Is there a plausible explanation to explain, not justify, things we sometimes do? Is there an excuse, a valid excuse for some of our deeds? I have questions. Many questions. No answer is good enough. Am I being over exigent? I don't believe so. You wouldn't either.

I remember how I used to loath watching the news. It started some four years ago. This instinctive recoil when I'd hear the news starting generic. I read the papers, preferably when there were no pictures to illustrate particular news. I started quitting that too little by little; I realised its the pictures which make the paper sell. The worst, the better.

Last year, I thought about it and decided that I was being immature, that my not watching the news or reading the papers was not going to change anything, that on the contrary I should be doing just that if I cared for my fellow human beings, that I should be aware as to what is going on in the world, that that is what would make me a responsible citizen of the world.

I hadn't heard about this in the news, nor did I read it. Not yet. The passengers of the van to Port Louis were discussing it. I wasn't really listening so I didn't think nothing of it. I thought it'd happen somewhere, in another country. Then my friend L told me about it. She came form France to spend a week with us. She asked me Have you heard about it? I said yeah, but I wasn't listening. She said It's terrible. I said Yes, its terrible. My head was aching real bad, I couldn't come up with a word strong enough to describe it.

I then read in the papers, yesterday, what the mother said. She said I hope when it's all over, things will get back to normal and she'd forget it all. What is normal? I ask the written words. Then I think, She's a mother. What has she got left but Hope? Deep down she knows nothing would ever e normal with her little girl but she's got to hope.

A child. A 10 years old child. I haven't seen her but I picture her with a pink dotted dress. A big bow tying the dress. A ponytail. Big cheeks. Still fat from baby fat. The big round belly looks incongruous on her little frame. She can't think of a way to stand, sit or lay to relieve herself from this weight. The weight of this infant growing inside her. A six months infant in this 10 years old little girl.

The father? Allegedly, her father.


ChickyBabe said...

Very disturbing.

Like you I don't watch much of the news any more. I find it too depressing, and I'd rather have hope.

Fitèna said...

Disturbing the word ChickyB.. I am spooked just walking around these days. The rapes, the violence. unbelievable!


jackt said...

The truth is stranger than fiction. Or in this case, sicker. Amazing what kinds of strange, sick people are out there.

suleyman said...

Aye yay yay! I didn't know it was possible for a ten-year-old.



Fitèna said...

Jackt, There's thing song by India Arie in which she says "No one has the power to hurt you like your kin"... Its been playing in my mind ever since I read and heard about this. Sick is the word!

I was surprised too Suley. Her mum explained she starting having her period at 8. I guess that sort of explains how she became pregant. But that's not the point right? Pregnant or not is not the point, the point is how low can a man stoop to take advantage of a 10 years old child.


atpanda said...

Yikes. That is no good! I've totally stopped watching the evening news because I hate going to bed thinking about the sadness. I catch 15 minutes of morning news, then I cruise headlines online during the day, and that's it. I just can't take it.

Fitèna said...

I can totally understand and relate to that Atpanda!

Tracy Lynn said...

I only ever get news online. I don't watch any of the news channels or the evening news, nor do I read the papers.
I stopped right after I got sober, in 1993, and never looked back.

Fitèna said...

I think there's something very éloignant about getting the news online Traccy Lynn. I've experieced it lately and its true that the news online don't touch you the way the TV and paper news do.


Justine said...

what is it abuse of the vulnerable? why do people do it?
I don't know. there's no limit to the imagaination - and if somebody can think of it, it will happen.

poor little abused girl. i hope for the best for her. would an abortion be out of the question in this instance?

Fitèna said...

Justine, Those are questions I want answers to, but I guess you've said it "there's no limit to the imagaination - and if somebody can think of it, it will happen."
She's 6 months gone. An aborption is certainly out of order. Even if that hadn't been the case, would the aborption have changed something? I don't really believe so.