Wednesday, 10 May 2006


Yestarday, you never saw him before!
Yesterday it was a glance, a look, a smile, a voice, a smell.
Yesterday it was the way he walked, the way he talked, the way he thought.
Yesterday its was colliding into each other just like in the movies and staring at each other.
Yesterday it was a crush, a coup de foudre, while you're just minding your business the least expecting it.
Yesterday it happened au hasard.
Yesterday you waited for THE soul mate.
Yesterday, he was the one, you just felt it in your bones.
Yesterday you beamed and giggled andwent to bed with a dreamy smile.

Today, you see him before.
Today its Information Technology,
Today its a PC, a mouse, a modem and his picture.
Today you know who he says he is, his favourite colour.
Today you can tell if he's lousy at grammar from how he describes himself.
Today he has the right to say “beautiful specimen looking for beautiful specimen”.
Today you can read his psychological profile and the machine tells you how compatible you are.
Today you browse, wrong hair colour, eyes colour, weight, teeth, income, click, delete, discard, click.
Today first click is a free trial, you test the product, look for faulty components, when satisfied you click.
Today its a calculated move.
Today you go looking for your soul mate.
Today, he might be this one, wait no, that one, better picture.
Today you're unsure, you take a pill and go to bed, you have a headche.


[Bonus to make you smile]

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ChickyBabe said...

Are you talking about a blog crush? ;)

Fitèna said...

lol! Might be CB! And who would he be?!
That and web dating and such. :-)

jackt said...

Hahaha this is really funny. I actually have a few friends who met their spouses/significant others on the Internet. Never would have thought that would happen just a few years ago- but with busy lives I guess it can offer benefits over trying to meet someone the old-fashioned way (in person first! hahaha).

Tracy Lynn said...

Very funny, Fitena. I liked the cartoon, too.

Fitèna said...

jackt, I can be funny too! :-) I heard of a couple getting married online before they've even met in person! Can you believe that!? But the actual point is that, at the end of the day you have to meet. I believe that's when the relationship is really created.

Tracy Lynn, Thank you! Am glad it made you smile!


ChickyBabe said...

Je crois que Fitena a un petit secret! ;)

Fitèna said...

CB à une imagination incroyable! ;-)
I'd share it with you, if I had one! Promise!


Justine said...

You should see my posture when I'm blogging... leaning in... concentrating. Its terrible!

GirlGoyle said...

Hunting online...sounds like devolution a bit. Plus they are never like they describe themselves to be. Online you can be whoever you want. Pretty scary. aussie j'attend nouvelles de ton secret. :)

Egan said...

Je veux deviner... Um, tu aimes les champignons? Ou peut-etre tu aimes Chicky? Non?

ChickyBabe said...

Mais bien sur, I have an overactive imagination! Tu me connais deja :P.

Egan, that's hilarious!

Fitèna said...

Justine, I can picture that! Am adopting the same posture at the moment! :-)

GirlGoyle, I was looking for a proper title "devolution" sounds good.
According to a survey, online, men almost always lie about their marital status and job and the women about their weight!
Its getting dangerous really, where children are being targeted by pedophiles and the such.
Oh lala! Mon secret? Mai quel secret!? :-)

Mon Dieu Egan, mais comment peux-tu être si aveugle? C'est de toi qu'il s'agit!!!!
Scared you?! lol! Tu es un marrant toi!
J'aime pas les champignons et Chicky est adorable et je vous aime tous!

C'est un marrant Egan, fait pas attention à lui ChickyBabe! :-)


Egan said...

Est-ce que tu as un rudement peur de moi maintenant? Ah, je suis désolé. Je vous adore tous!

Fitèna said...

Oh j'ai trop peur! LOL! Egan, je me repète peut être mais t'es un marrant!!!

Saaya said...

Blog crush??? Wow, cud be Aadil!! Aadil weds Fitena...sounds guddddd!!

Lolzz kidding!!

Hmm this post really struck me, as I met my two ex bfs online... and my current one as well. Yeah, its when you meet in person, face to face, that u really decide to be together or not. If there is some chemistry, yu'll deinitely be together;-)

Serious relationships r developed this way. My first relationship lasted 5 yrs... and I know ppl who've got married like this!

Well, it all depends on luck!!!Wish you people (including myself) best of luck!!!!!!!!lolz

Fitèna said...

Saaya I guess you make your own luck; by either taking it or not!
Thank you!