Friday, 23 June 2006


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I love chocolate. Chocolate Shakes. Chocolate Bars. Chocolate Anythings. Chocolates.

When L came over to Mauritius for a week, a month ago, she treated me to a massage. My first and not to be the last. Professional Massage I mean.

Relaxing music. Dim light. The sound of hands against skin. Rubbing up and down. The smell of the scented oil. The burning hot rocks gently placed when your back archs into the small of your bee-hind.

The first session was sheer bliss.

I had no idea my second was going to be even more memorable.

How is it like , I asked the girl. She thought a bit then said, sensual!


After scrubbing your skin off les peaux mortes, you're covered with Chocolate.
What it is added to it, no idea?

It's not edible she says, you don't want to taste anyway.

The smell of rich brown chocolate fills your nose and all your senses are heightened by this inexplicable feeling that your brown skin is soaking and sucking in this second "browner" skin of yours.

Her hands are feathery. They're soft.

This is good, you think. Very good.

Soon you stop thinking. You feel a smile playing on your lips.

You close yourself and let yourself go.

She wakes you up and tells you its over smilingly.

It's not, you go home feeling you're Chocolate.

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kimananda said...

Now that sounds like pure bliss. Where can I get such an experience...does your masseuse ever get to Denmark?

ChickyBabe said...

Wow... Sensual and delicious! What an experience! Bravo Fitena - nicely written :).

Did you feel like eating chocolate afterwards? I feel like some right now...

atpanda said...

HOLY COW! That sounds like my idea of heaven. You lucky thing!

jackt said...

A chocolate bath...What will they think of next...

kimananda said...

Hi again!

I've just e-mailed you 5 questions...let me know if you don't get them, and I look forward to reading your answers! :-)

Karen Little said...

YUM! That sounds like the yummiest thing that could possibly happen to a human being... sigh...

Fitèna said...

kimananda, It was pure bliss, believe me!
I don't think she does! lol!

ChickyBabe, thanks!
I felt like it actually but I thought it would spoil things you know because the envie inassouvi of eating it made it all the more... better!

atpanda, and the spa is just a five minute walk away from home! I know, am lucky! :-)

jackt, already thought of! honey massage baby, honey massage! how about that huh? :-)

kimananda, Got them!!! Thanks beaucoup!

Karen Little, *sigh too*! And thanks for visiting!


Adeline said...

I think I wish I could feel like that would be enjoyable... y'all are making me wish that!

all i can think is how sticky it would be, and what if the building caught fire when i was covered in chocolate? caramba. why do i think these things?

Fitèna said...

Caramba Heather, why do you think these things? :-)


GirlGoyle said...

I'd never heard of a chocolate massage. Sign me up!!

Fitèna said...

GirlGoyle, You most certainly would deserve it! With the boss and colleagues you have!!!


Anonymous said...
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Fitèna said...
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