Friday, 9 June 2006


I must get out of this. I can't. Thoughts are running through my mind.

I remember the time, when as a child we were playing hide and seek and I hid behind the mattress. My friend knew I was there and instead of seeking me out she called the others and they all came and threw themselves against the mattress.

I feel trapped. Like I did that day.

My mind tells me to call out. No sound comes out when I open my mouth.

Mum, Mum, Zip, Mum, Zip, Help, Mum, Zip, Zip go through my mind.

It's not very difficult says my mind, just pull it down.

But I can't. It's too tight I say.

But I know it's not. It's just that am petrified. Blackness surrounds me. It can't possibly be this dark. It's daytime. I blink in the dark and it’s still dark when my eyes open. Are they open? Am not sure of anything. Am going blind. Am going insane. I feel am soon going to be hysterical. Nothing to be done. Think. Think. thjdg. thjyw.

My mind goes blank.

I stand there. My arms and head taken in it. Am suffocating. Voices. I hear voices. What are you doing says someone. I can't recognise the voice. There's this ringing in my ears. Am I going to faint? I've never fainted before.

Oh, it’s tight says the voice. Wait, I'll help you. It is pulled up and I stand there my legs weak taking deep breaths. Are you allright says Mum. I smile weakly.

I stare at it without speaking. There's no such thing as dressphobia, is there?

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ChickyBabe said...

I have days like that. But is it over a dress or something more??

jackt said...

Look on the bright side- you don't have to dress like they did in Victorian England. ;)

kimananda said...

Yes, there is such a thing as dressophobia. Is it a dress for a, erm, special occasion?

ramo said...

Just passing through and found your welcome message very relaxing and warm.

Fitèna said...

ChickyBabe, perving put aside, I can't stand clothing in bed either. I feel suffocated. I scare myself when its gets cold and I have to bundle up and cover warm! so maybe its a clothingphobia! I can't swim cause water (the sea) scares me!

Right jackt! Already feeling much relieved and better! Wow! :-)

kimananda,Nah, I actually hate dresses! Not hate, but I don't like them! My mum is forever trying to persuade me to wear dresses instead of skirts and pants. So, no special occasion. Just a trial!

Welcome ramo! Thank you and Come often!


Paulo Gama said...


atpanda said...

Dang! All that over a dress. :-) So really... I can't STAND dresses that are tight in the slightest. For real, it makes me claustrophobic. Yikes!

Bet you look really pretty in a dress. Be brave!

Fitèna said...

Paulo welcome! Hope the blog is not in portuguese!:)

atpanda, Do I?! lol! I'll make sure I have a picture taken with me in one!


beej said...

Bleaaah! Don't listen to chickybabe and atpanda. They're dressisistic and obviously enjoy wearing them, shameless I tell you. I *hated* wearing dresses as a kid. Still do. The last time I wore a a dress was when I was about 22 and that was a looooong time ago. God help me, what was I thinking?! Dresses make me look like a bleeping Buick with ruffles!

Fitèna said...

Funny that beej! lol! Am sure you don't! lol!

And Welcome!


Jill said...

This is exactly how I felt yesterday, when I got fitted for a dress for my brother's wedding. I have dressophobia, for sure. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Fitèna said...

Jill, am glad to know am not the only one is this case! :-)
You're most welcome!


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