Monday, 5 June 2006

Why love is Blind

[This is a translation of a fwd sent to me in French. I first posted it here!]

Crazy decided to invite all her friends for a cup of tea and cookies at her place.

All were present.

After tea and cookies Crazy suggested:

"Shall we play hide and seek?"
"Hide and seek: What's hide and seek?"
asked Curious.
"Hide and seek is a game. I count to one hundred and you hide. When am done counting I look for you and the first one I find gets to count next and so on."

All accepted to play except Fearful and Lazy.

"1..... 2 .... 3 ...." started Crazy.

Hurry hid first. He hid anywhere.

Timid, timid as always, hid behind a bush. He didn't dare go far.

Happy run in the middle of the garden.

Sad started to cry because he could find no place appropriate enough to hide in.

Envious taged along Success and hid with him behind a rock.

Crazy was still counting while her friends hid.

Despair was desperate when she heard Crazy's count already reaching 99.

"100!" shouted Crazy, "Here I come!"

Curious was first to be found because she couldn't help herself and got out of her hiding place to see who would be first to be found out.

Looking around Crazy saw Doubt looking over a fence and wondering on which side she would be best hidden.

And so on and on, she found Happy, Sad, Timid .....

When they finally all got together, Curoius asked:

"Where's Love

Nobody had seen Love.

Crazy started looking for her. She looked everywhere. She looked for her her over a mountain, in the river, in the sky. But, she, Love found not.

Still looking, Crazy saw a rose-tree. She took a wood stick and started poking and parting the rose-tree's branches when she suddenly heard a cry.

It was love crying because a thorn had gotten into her eye.

Crazy didn't know what to do. She apologized, implored Love's forgiveness and even went as far as promising to follow her forever and ever.

Love acknowledged the apologies and said fine.

Today, Love is blind and Crazy follows her everywhere.

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ChickyBabe said...

Then I must be nuts! :P

jackt said...

There's surgery that can be done to help out love. And with pagers and cell phones crazy doesn't have to follow everywhere. :)

kimananda said...

Well, then I must be crazy...I followed love all the way to Copenhagen. No one sane would do that...would they? :-)

Fitèna said...

You know CB, I actually was wondering but now that you're telling.... :-)

Jackt, Love and Crazy knew they could count on you to give them a practical solution! Thank you!

Kimananda, I guess they wouldn't! lol! No, seriously, if you love enough you would!


Margaret said...

So crazy's a stalker?

GirlGoyle said...

I often wondered...and now i know. :)

Fitèna said...

Welcome, Margaret! I guess that's what Crazy fnally is! But eventually he does leave Love alone!

GirlGoyle, am happy to hav enlightened you on this very important issue! :-)


Hyperion said...

Good post and I like the new banner. You are getting more and more expressive.

Also, congratulations on making Neil's crush of the day. You are truly hitting the big time now.

val ... said...

hello y'all....

fitena , i've read some of your postings! and i'm quite surprised ! i didn't know that you have so much talent!!!! i specially like the names of charatsers : curious , lazy , crazy , etc ... it's so poetic! you should try to make them edited...
keep it up ! you are good!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey do you know where from is this short story or who is the author? Or from which book did it come from? Itćs really important,please...

Fitèna said...

Hi, am sorry but I have no idea of the origin.