Monday, 17 July 2006

All in a School Day

I never liked the girl. I don’t dislike many people; I normally make good choices whenever friendship is concerned. Only for that one time but let’s not get into it.

So this girl was not my friend yet I disliked her. Why? I don’t like Snobs and she was a Snob par Excellence – still is. You’d think she’d change after what happened later but no, she is still Miss Am Better than You. That’s the look she gives me whenever our paths cross. She seems to hate me. But I guess she just resents me for witnessing what happened.

You are now dying to know what actually happened, right? Shall I tell you?

It was a school day. When the bus dropped me on my station after school I remembered that I had to wait for my friend C. to whom I’d lent my literature notes. But people being people and the island being so small, anyone seeing me standing there on the station was bound to bring it up “incidentally” in a conversation with my parents. How’s Your Daughter, I Saw Her That Day…. So I decided to cross the sugarcanes and wait on the other side of the road.

I cross the sugar canes and wait. I see this guy walking up and down the road. He’s clearly waiting for someone. He looks familiar but I'm not sure. There are two crossings through the sugar canes; the one I came through and another one up the road. He does not know which one his – I thought – rendezvous would be coming through so he checks both. He looks distressed now and is talking to himself. I realize why he looks familiar. I’d seen him hand in hand with Snob many times. I remember thinking what an apparently Nice Guy was doing with a Snob-School-Girl like her.

He looks my way and sees me staring. He attempts a smile and fails. He crosses the road and comes my way. I look around. Oh my God what if he is not a nice guy after all, goes though my mind.

He stops a step from me and says Can you do me a Favor please? What? I ask. Hold my malette for me please. I say I can’t, Sorry. He says, You don’t have to hold it. Listen, am going nowhere. It’s just that it’s heavy. I’ll just put it down here. I say, whatever but I wouldn’t be responsible if… Am going nowhere. Please. He cuts me off. I shrug. He says Thanks and lays the bag against the wall. He resumes his surveillance.

He’s at the up crossing when I see his Snob-School-Girl coming down the sugar cane crossing in front of me hand in hand with a School Boy. Wow! I think, She’s going to be in big trouble!

Nice-Guy must have seen me looking intently in front of me – did I do that on purpose? - so he runs down the road and sees what am seeing.

Standing next to me, he starts muttering Bitch. Am feeling sorry for him.

She’d let go of her new boyfriend’s hand and is pretending that she’s alone. But he’d already seen her.

Nice-Guy starts screaming insults her way and shows his fist. I almost giggle because it reminds me of a Hindi Movie I’d seen.

Now he’s serving me the whole story. They’d split because she’s told him that her parents found out about them and been spying on her ever since. He, being a gentleman, let go because he does not want to cause her trouble. Then someone called him and told him that she’d been seeing this new boyfriend while she was still with him and how now he was going to fix her right.

By the time the story is over Snob Girl has crossed the road with her new Boyfriend. She tries hard to show that she’s not scared. She starts stuttering and asks him what he wants. He asks her why she’d betrayed him, why she just didn’t tell him that they were over instead of serving him lies, did she not know that he loathes liars. She just says leave me alone, look please go away. She tells him her parents might see them. But he’s beyond caring. He’s screaming away.

I look up the Avenue. It’s her house’s. And I know both her parents work. I wonder if some neighbor would come to her rescue. Then I remember her vis à vis neighbor telling me this family – hers – is not nice. They don’t participate in the neighborhood activities or neighborhood watch. No, no one would come to her rescue.
I look at new boyfriend and am curious to see his reaction. But he’s having none. Reaction I mean. He’s standing there in the background. I give him a scornful look and apparently piqué au vif he tries to intervene. Cute Nice Guy gives him a look that makes him step back. He looks at me. He looks away.

Watching Snob-Girl and Nice-Guy is more fun. He is now holding her by the shoulders and she’s shaking her head and her eyes are wide.

Not fun anymore I think. I hope he’s not going to beat her. Just then she says something I miss and he slaps her. Hard. My hand almost flies to my cheek. Her mouth is open and her eyes are wider but no sound comes out. She’s shocked speechless. He looks at his had and seems not to believe what he’s just done. He lets go of her. She staggers back. New Boyfriend holds her. I think she’s going to shrug him off. But she doesn’t. Cute I Don’t Believe He’s That Nice Anymore Guy, takes a step back. Two. Turns his back on them. Picks up his bag. Turns his head to look at them. Smiles weakly at me and says Sorry. Then he’s gone.

I went home forgetting all about my literature notes.


Neil said...

Wow, that was powerful. Especially, since you're never sure who is the good guy and who is the bad guy here.

ChickyBabe said...

Very strange... I guess we'll never know the real story. And maybe that's for the best.

Fitèna said...

Neil, what is sure is that the girl is bad news! I still see her and she gives me this bad ad look!

ChickyBabe, I guess. But something tells me the NIce Guy wasn't lying. She didn't play straight with him. But that of course does not justify his slapping her!


Karen Little said...

Ooooohhh... Juicy. That's exactly the kind of story I would've loved to have told everyone all about. I agree with Neil - it's cool that you can't figure out who the baddie is.

GirlGoyle said...

wow...sounds like a Hindi movie. I could totally picture the whole thing. Though...I'm not sure I would've stood there and taken the slap.

No worries on people you don't like. Sometimes it's just like that. There is this one girl I totally dislike. I've tried to find someothing good about her but...nothing...not a thing. I just avoid her.

Fitèna said...

Karen you can bet I told all who would listen! Now that i think of it, that must be why she hated and still hates my guts. She knew my friends, I guess they'd made fun of her and made it known that they knew what happened! hummm

GirlGoyle, exactly what I thought!
You? Standing there and taking a slap? I can't even imagine it! :-)
Oh, but her disliking me really does not bother me at all and its reciprocated anyway!


waz said...

gossip! gossip! gossip! :D
reminds me of when i was in college (SJC)...we had loads of these...
i'm currently using msn space (wazeeland) so i don't think u will be able to post a comment unless u r msn user :(
anyway give me a shout-out!

Fitèna said...

Gossip? Did I just do that? OMG! lol! :-)
Be shouting back to you!

Margaret said...

You are quite a story teller.

Fitèna said...

Thank you Margaret! Am glad you liked it!


kimananda said...

That is a good read. Did you ever see the nice guy (who wasn't really nice) again?

Fitèna said...

No Kim, never again. Nor the new boyfriend either. Coming to think of it, maybe she dumpted him.