Wednesday, 6 September 2006

Blog Appreciation Day

*C'est la Vie! Life!*

Evening Edition

After a two week rest ordered by doctor due to what
the French call “suremenage”, Director
Fitena assured the press that
“Blog Appreciation Day” is starting today.

Handouts where distributed
to the all with the cast and full details.

“Blog Appreciation Day” is adapted from Neil Kramer's post which bears the same title. Mr. Kramer is a popular and very appreciated blogger. He is reported to be very funny. He refused to grant us an interview. He is quite shy, we are told.

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Director Fitena explained that after receiving this very romantic note (see below) from Neil Kramer and reading the linked to post she just could not resist and receiving another touching note from friend Chickyabe convinced her that the movie was a good idea indeed!

Neil's note
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Chicky's note
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Chicky Babe is playing the much spoken of mystery woman. The movie actually ends with her mystère unrevealed which makes us believe that there will be a “Blog Appreciation Day II”.

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Aadil plays the local guy (the movie is being mainly shot in Mauritius) who befriends the bubbly Adeline.


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The others local as played by Javed and waz

The movie is about friendship and love, how they spread and how true feelings no geographical or whatever else limitations. It's a movie about hope for a better tomorrow where people shall live and let live. Where our today problematic issues won't be issues anymore.

We were quite impressed by the casting! Here is the rest of it:

The Girls:
Ed who the fans would be glad to know, finally quit her job and her horrid boss!

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Jack 2

Due to a technical problem, our photographer was unable to provide us with photos of all the comédiens but they may rest assured that they are much appreciated!


Aulelia said...

yay i am glad i made it on the castlist! i bet your casting director was proper tough so i know i'm gona get my oscar soon!


Egan said...

Wow, you're too kind. I've been out of the blogging loop, but I've noticed some of these pictures circulating. Merci mon amie!

darlin nikki said...

By George, I think you have the makings of a hit here! ;) Great pics!

Thanks Fitena!

Margaret said...

I feel so honored to be part of your appreciation day/movie! What are the little pastries in your pictures?

M said...

oh my god, I am so confused by this post.
If you need me, I'll be cowering under the bed...

Neil said...

Glad you're feeling better. Stay healthy. Blogging is not the same when you are gone!

Fitèna said...

Aulelia, the director was tough! lol! Hang in there and it'll be yours!

Egan, you think am kind?! Well, you aught to considering the fact that I still haven't got that ipod sock! Now you better make it an ipod, I can get the sock myself! :-)

D. Nikki, whos George? :-p Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Margaret, its a well deserved appreciation! :-p
I was waiting for that one! The brown party is called gulab jamun is made of milk essentially and its fried then soaked into a syryp. The Yellow one is called Ladoo. its made of a flour of a pulse called gram. A atter is made with this flour, fried, crushed then rolled into balls which are sometimes sprinkled with cononut. The half moon one is called Mawa Samoosa. Its a sort of shorth crust party with cooked milk filling. You got it, I've got one sweet tooth!

M! Get out of there! What are you doing under thebed anyway!? huh? :-p

Neil, Thank you! Am really touched! mwaaah!


waz said...

thanks for the role Fitena! :)

looking forward to next year's oscar ceremony!!!! :D

kimananda said...

Hey, I come to your blog, and find that I'm a movie star...thanks!

Adeline said...

thanks fitena for the shout out! I am getting more clicks from mauritius than i ever figgered on!

Fitèna said...

You'remost welcome waz! Like all of my actors!

With a bf named Hello, you just had to be kim!

Dear Adeline, you have no idea how much more you'll be getting! :-)


aadil said...

OMG, I am the lead actor! Is there a kissing scene somewhere in the movie? I need to brush my teeth, or have my set assistant get the some mouthwash.

And I want to come back with the "befriendly the bubbly Adeline" part. Do you mean bubbly as in having lots of bubbles? If so then I take it the heroine has wind problems then. I can't act without a gas mask then. I demand it, and caviar for breakfast too in my trailer on the shooting set.


Claire said...

Great take on Blog appreciation day! Thanks for the shout out- I appreciate your blogging too!

And I like that your time/date stamp runs day/month/year. I usually write my dates that way, but all the technology in the US is designed to read month/day/year.

Fitèna said...

aadil, am afraid we had to cut the kissing scenes; every one wanted to be your partner! The guys too!!! We thus prevented a riot!
Forever classy aadil! Buly as in very giggly and friendly would do. Thank you!
Anything you say!

Claire the part about the date stamp made me smile! Thank you!


aadil said...

Noooooooo! Not the kissing scene! *sobs*

Oh well, atleast we've kept the uncut sauna and the sunbathing on the nudist beach scenes. (^^)b

ChickyBabe said...

Do I get to choose the leading man? Does he have to be a blogger?!?! Mwahaha.........

Fitèna said...

Aadil, sauna scene? sunbathing? nudist beach scenes? Now wait a minute, I thought I was writing the script!

Mwaaah back and welcome back ChickyBabe, you're our special star and you get to choose who you want! Whether he's a blogger or not!