Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Thank Your First Commenter Day # 2

The first time I heard of blogs and blogging was late May last year. I started blogging here on the 28th of June and on the 16th of August I read with wonder my first comment which said:

"Hey--cool blog! I came here via Jenelle, who recommended you to me. I love the post a while back about the quotes from courts; the one where the witness asked the lawyer if he actually passed the bar exam cracked me up! J*Star"

And what I thought reading the comment was something along the line of Neil's thoughts when he read Terry:

"$%#@&, there is someone out there actually reading this nonsense. Who is this? How did they find me? I better start using a spell-checker."

Of course I was happy that I'd finally been “found” but I couldn't help but wonder about this Jenelle. Was she someone I knew? Was she a friend I'd told about my blog (which I was positive I hadn't)? Was it my one of my sisters? But none of them blogged! I looked up J*Star's messenger and added him to my contact list. Whenever he'd appear online I'd send thank yous followed by do-I-know-who-is-Jenelle-questions.

Jenelle and I eventually met.

So, when I took up on Neil's idea last year, its Jenelle I chose to thank because she read and was nice enough to recommend me.

Its curiosity which prompted me to blog; its the pleasure I have reading you which makes me come back, everyday.

Thank you for the generous thoughts shared,
Hard thought and well written!
Although reading them may quick,
No time can dull intent.

Thank you Tanisha for being first commenter when I moved here.

Thank you all for being everyday commenters.

Happy Your 1st Commenter Thanksgiving Day.

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Anonymous said...

n Thank you for blogging!
without your quotes n blog entries, the blogosphere loses some of it's quality (especially in terms of the mauritian touch)! don't you think!?! :D

Winters said...

Lovely post, and great idea, Fitena.

My first commenter was the lovely Kerry from Australia. Still in the blogroll, of course.

It's great, in those early days, to know someone is out there reading and responding...

Jenelle said...

Fitena...Wow it has been awhile eh? It kind of shocked me that you have remembered me...I kind of fell off the blogging radar for awhile. The pressure kind of got to me and then I slowly began to lose touch with all my favorite bloggers. Suddenly it was the trend to fall off the radar...Lol. I'm so glad you stopped by and have recently been spending more time blogging and writing in general. (I have a new secret blog I've been working on...heehee)

It was really great to hear from you and it makes me happy to see you still writing. Happy Thanksgiving to you! XOXO


ChickyBabe said...

Thank you for being part of my neighbourhood!

Neil said...

And thanks for being such a fun blogging friend.

Fitèna said...

Folks, you're all most welcome! The pleasure is all mine!

Waz, to pou fair ban maucicien la en col♪re! Zot pou dir moene imposteur puiske mo mem pas un mauricienne! lol! Thanks!

Winters, you think so *batting eyelashes* :-)
My thoughts exactly!

Jenelle, shocked? hehe! You're still very much remembered dear and will be even more since i saw that tattoo *smile*
I am glad to see you back and can't wait to hear more aout that secret blog! :-)

ChickyChérie, thank you for being a part of mine!

Neil, I know, am irresistible! lol! Thanks loads dear!


suleyman said...


J.Star was also my first commenter.

I have an excuse for not posting these past couple of months. Grad school has been crushing me. I'm diving back into it now as I have more free time.

Good to see you're still blogging, Fitena.


Adeline said...

Fitena! J Star is a girl! Can ya believe it?

Fitèna said...

suleyman, welcome ack home! :-) I knew you were on some history project and figured it was eating up on your time!
Enjoy the recreation now!
Good to read you, Suley!

Adeline, pssst, you weren't supposed to say it aloud! lol! Remember the post she wrote about being genderless, it really threw me off! I was so sure J* was a guy! When I found out on flicker that J* is actually a girl, I was too used to thinking of her as him so i kept him instead of her! Making sense here! :-)