Friday, 1 December 2006

A Toaster Story

He's but a form under the rumpled covers on a rumpled bed. He moves and I sees him waking up. His head emerges from under the covers and Ii note that his hair is too long. But nice too long. He blinks and rubs his eyes. The gesture looks so childlike but there's nothing childlike about him. He throws but the covers and he is naked. He stretches and yawns and walks lazily out of the room. Barefoot. He's heading to the kitchen. I follow him. He's making coffee. I watch him take the bread and look around for the knife. He sees it, picks it up and slices the bread. Its stale but it does not matter. He inserts the bread into the toaster. The next thing I know the toaster is hissing and throwing sparks and he falls on the cold cold floor with a thud. Electrocuted. I'd heard his roommate telling him the toaster was good to be thrown away. I look at him and think, Why take risks when you're naked .

[This is an ad. I watched it the same day I watched Ball story. Informative links: UNAIDS & AMfar]

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Waz said...

hmmm, wat is a naked man doing at your place? :P
is zat a mauritian ad?

ChickyBabe said...

I like the slogan. Check out this ad Fitena:

Adeline said...

i am wondering the same as waz, what are you doing watching naked men get out of bed?

Fitèna said...

Waz not at my place silly! lol! Ad no, its not a Mauritian ad, its French and I think its a great way of talking aout issues without actuaally talking about them and still everyone gets the message!

ChickyChéri, I absolutely loved the video! The French do things differently! Et ça marche! Thanks!

Adeline you and waz made me laugh! What I said to him!


Waz said...

Waz not at my place silly! -
ahaaa, you've been in a motel alone with your prince charminG! :P

zis is one crazy video! lol
thanks for the link chickybabe!

Margaret said...

Is being naked not a risk in and of itself?

Fitèna said...

Waz Motels? You've been watching TV too much brother! lol!
Yeah, its a great one, isn't it!?

Margaret... hmmmm How so?


ALCM2008 said...

I like that Toaster picture lol very interesting indeed.