Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Thank Your First Commenter Day # 2

The first time I heard of blogs and blogging was late May last year. I started blogging here on the 28th of June and on the 16th of August I read with wonder my first comment which said:

"Hey--cool blog! I came here via Jenelle, who recommended you to me. I love the post a while back about the quotes from courts; the one where the witness asked the lawyer if he actually passed the bar exam cracked me up! J*Star"

And what I thought reading the comment was something along the line of Neil's thoughts when he read Terry:

"$%#@&, there is someone out there actually reading this nonsense. Who is this? How did they find me? I better start using a spell-checker."

Of course I was happy that I'd finally been “found” but I couldn't help but wonder about this Jenelle. Was she someone I knew? Was she a friend I'd told about my blog (which I was positive I hadn't)? Was it my one of my sisters? But none of them blogged! I looked up J*Star's messenger and added him to my contact list. Whenever he'd appear online I'd send thank yous followed by do-I-know-who-is-Jenelle-questions.

Jenelle and I eventually met.

So, when I took up on Neil's idea last year, its Jenelle I chose to thank because she read and was nice enough to recommend me.

Its curiosity which prompted me to blog; its the pleasure I have reading you which makes me come back, everyday.

Thank you for the generous thoughts shared,
Hard thought and well written!
Although reading them may quick,
No time can dull intent.

Thank you Tanisha for being first commenter when I moved here.

Thank you all for being everyday commenters.

Happy Your 1st Commenter Thanksgiving Day.

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Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Lonely # 3

On his way back from work, He is thinking about the day and how it went. He realises that things are about to change in his life. For...

... the better or for the worse? Am interested to know how you see the story ending.


According to ................................. Here is how "He"'s story goes.
Egan: "Oui, je veux savoir la résultat."

I think Egan starts reading novels by going first to the last page. :-)

fringes: "For better! For better!I have no idea what Egan said, so I'm hoping I'm answering the right question."

Egan said" I want to know what happened!"

ChickyBabe: "I'd like to think he'd realise his self worth and embrace his life."

The friend he could have spoken with could have told him that... I like it!

Winters: "He meets a woman who changes his life forever.But I don't know what she does... "

Fill us in as soon as you find out!


Aulelia: "for the that something pivotal can happen to make it a happy ending! "

That would be for the better then! Don't you agree?

Egan: "I'm so confused, but as you and Chicky know, this is nothing new. I will back up a few posts. Salut mon amie!"

*tapping foot, crossed arms, raised eyebrow = waiting impatiently* :-)

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Friday, 10 November 2006

Lonely # 2

When He opened his eyes and looked around his dark room He realised he'd overslept. He wondered why the room was still so dark and realised that its been a while that he'd pulled the curtains. He made his way to the window and hesitated to pull the curtain away. When He finally did, He waited a moment before getting nearer to the window. He slowly opened it and looked out. The streets were swarming with people. He wondered whether some of them felt the way He did.

Making his way to the bathroom He thought about how nothing had happened at the window and how that might mean that today might be better than yesterday. He got ready to work entertaining himself with that thought instead of the late dread of facing every new day.

In the lift his old neighbour gave Him a toothless smile and said “good morning”! Mumbling a reply He wondered whether it was a statement or a question.

He'd made up his mind the night before to seek professional help or speak to someone about how He'd been feeling lately. He'd felt a little bit better afterwards.

He knew that no one else but him could clearly evaluate his emotional state. No one but him could know what He needed to feel better. And hearing himself talking about his late feelings, sentiments and fears would help. He remembered how his mum used to say that one should keep one's worries to themselves. Why? He'd asked. Because people have nothing better to do then than interrupt you and tell you about their worries. That made him smile. His own smile surprised him. The old lady smiled too. Probably thinking that the smile was meant for her.

Stepping out of the lift she waved and He waved back.

A little boy stepped in. Hi, He said. Hi said the little boy looking up and down quickly. His two front teeth were missing. He smiled again. The smile was meant for His reflection.

Stepping out of the lift, He waved at the little boy.
"Good morning" had been a statement after all.

"Inside myself is a place where I live alone and that's where you renew your springs that never dry up." Pearl Buck

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Wednesday, 8 November 2006

Lonely #1

He picked up the phone and dialled. It rang. He pulled at his hair. It hurt but he didn't care. Somehow, hurting himself made him better because he felt something then. He wondered if things would have to go to that extent and wished that he managed to make things right before they did.

The phone was still ringing. They've probably gone out he thought. He cursed himself for not calling earlier. No one would be home at on a Saturday night. The thought of watching TV or going out alone made him feel sick. He had to meet someone. Anyone. He needed to talk. Talk about what? He had no idea but there was something definitely the matter with him.

This morning, leaning over the window he saw himself falling down and looking up at himself his mouth open. A soundless scream. He shrank back from the window laughing nervously with the sound of his wildly beating heart filling his ears.

As much as he did not enjoy his current job he looked forward to leaving his apartment for it. He needed to meet people. Just like he'd taken to playing his music loud enough to annoy the neighbourhood. Like he'd taken to walk aimlessly around his apartment. Like he'd taken to reading till the morning.

He went back to his apartment every evening with his body as heavy as lead. He dragged his feet and took his time inserting the key to open the door. He pushed the door open and stood there watching himself go inside, shut the door and spend the evening with himself. He knew he felt that way because he feared being alone.

“The worst loneliness is not to be comfortable with yourself”. Mark Twain

What's the worst loneliness, according to you?

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