Friday, 19 January 2007

Carnival of the Mundane

Does being happy means feeling good? Can one be Happy and not feel good? Would my not laughing at your jokes make me an unhappy person? Or does my laughing all the time is just a front to hide this unhappiness I feel deep inside? I don't know. Do you?

What's happiness anyway? The dictionary does not help because what its definition of happiness does not fit mine, would it fit yours? I don't know. Let's find out.

What makes Claire happy is eating Tacos. Thats what I thought when I read the title of her post. When I read the post I realized it was finally seeing the bear. She even waved to it and said “Hi”. The story doesn't say if it waved back, that would have made me very happy!

Random Yak and I could become best friends if we lived near each other. We'd try to solve some weird traffic movements on each other's blog, and write a book on the subject and maybe even include some pictures to thank those who came in for the nude photos for inspiring us. (There are no nude photos of Yak of course)

Your friend is “your need answered... for you to come to him with your hunger, and you seek him for peace.” Chicky Babe says it even more beautifully here. Just take the hand reaching out for you when its there. Grief needs to be divided and joys multiplied. Two is a very good number.

Aren't we all coming to the conclusion that we can write about Happiness? That every country song doesn't necessarily need to end up with a broken marriage, family, guitar? Why, wouldn't hearing “Marriage Catch” sang by Mad Kane make you merry!?

Why should we need to define it huh? We can't! Each one of us has its own definition of what it is. What it means to Aulelia might not necessarily be what it means to you and so what, let us raise a toast to her 100% pure happiness with pulp! She's happy, right?

*Sigh* Let's all now sit here with Lil Bit and chuuuuut, wait for it....What? The Butterfly of course...

Thursday, 11 January 2007

I am Happy... Lala...

Dear All,

Hope you people had a great time celebrating Christmas and the New Year! I wish you joy, happiness, success and health.

New year was a double celebration since we had La Fête du Tabaski too - commonly called Baqr Eid in Mauritius (litterally Cow Festival).

This and the fatigue of the end of year load of work might explain why I slept sounding through the passage of 2006 to 2007. Even my neighbours mega pétards did not make me stir!

Still taken up with work which explains why I haven't been visiting you and wouldn't have posted this if The Donnage hadn't reminded me that am hosting the Carnival of the Mundane next week!!!!!!

Am counting on all of you people to make this a success! The simple rule is that you write a short story, a poem, a song or whatever and you call it Le Bonheur, Happiness. It might be a piece you've already written and needs to be retrieved for your archive.

I heard that its easier to write about ones miseries and hearbreaks than write about happiness so we'll see...

Email me your blog's name and the url of your entry here.


Some of you have already sent their submissions; Muchas Gracias! :-)

I forgot to mention that I will be hosting on Friday the 19th of January, so... à vos claviers!

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