Thursday, 11 January 2007

I am Happy... Lala...

Dear All,

Hope you people had a great time celebrating Christmas and the New Year! I wish you joy, happiness, success and health.

New year was a double celebration since we had La Fête du Tabaski too - commonly called Baqr Eid in Mauritius (litterally Cow Festival).

This and the fatigue of the end of year load of work might explain why I slept sounding through the passage of 2006 to 2007. Even my neighbours mega pétards did not make me stir!

Still taken up with work which explains why I haven't been visiting you and wouldn't have posted this if The Donnage hadn't reminded me that am hosting the Carnival of the Mundane next week!!!!!!

Am counting on all of you people to make this a success! The simple rule is that you write a short story, a poem, a song or whatever and you call it Le Bonheur, Happiness. It might be a piece you've already written and needs to be retrieved for your archive.

I heard that its easier to write about ones miseries and hearbreaks than write about happiness so we'll see...

Email me your blog's name and the url of your entry here.


Some of you have already sent their submissions; Muchas Gracias! :-)

I forgot to mention that I will be hosting on Friday the 19th of January, so... à vos claviers!

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darlin nikki said...

Happy New Year Fitena! And Happy Cow too! Love the pictures down below :) I'll try to get you something in the next couple of days!

waz said...

hi Fitena,
thanks for dropping by! :)
I'll see wat I can do. I hope there is no deadline as it will take me a wee while...

Jaimie said...

Happy New Year!

atpanda said...

Happy New Year girl!! :-)
Glad you're back into blogging in the new year.

Fitèna said...

darlin nikki You too!lol! I take it that Eid Mubarak!
Sure, looking forward to hearing from you!

waz, welcome! Always a pleasure! Am hosting on the 19th of January, anytime before that!

Jaimie Happy New Year to you too!

atpanda thanks!


ChickyBabe said...

A happy story? Let me think what I can come up with.

Fitèna said...

Can't wait CB!


Fringes said...

Happy New Year! Thanks for letting me know what's going on. I'd been missing you.

Winters said...

My dear Fitena,

I'll send you my best effort soon. Have a great year, mon amie.

Winters x

Fitèna said...

Fringes, oh that's so sweet! Same here!

Winters, cela me touche beauoup! Merci!


waz said...

oops! i don't think i'll be able to make it for the 19th...

lo siento!

i'll still blog it asap though...sorry again!

Lil said...

I sent you an email, but I'm gonna try to do something for this, but... well, lol, it'll be a take on the concept of happiness, how's that? ;)

I'll try to post it sometime Thursday (my time) - will come back to let you know when I'm up, k?


Lil Bit said...

Just popping in again to let you know my post is up.

Have a happy weekend, Fitèna! =)

aulelia said...

fitena, i have put my poem up on my new url --, i hope i have made it in time!!! the link on ur post didn't work on my computer so please check out my new url.

happy thursday!

Fitèna said...

waz, no souci! C'est l'intention qui compte, anytime you do blog it holler and I'll just update!

Lil, got it and love it!;)
Have a happy weekend too dear!

aulelia, I was wondering wehther it was you cause I checked that blog through my traffic report!
Thanks and have a great week end!