Monday, 5 February 2007

Men come from... and women....

Fot those of you who've wondered about my absence; we're in the process of moving out. That and the load of work kept me away from blogging. Everything should be getting back to normal by the end of the month.

Savouring a cup of coffee, I asked a new friend how she and her boyfriend met. It was all so very romantic.

We met at work, she told me. He came for an interview, I saw him and it was almost love at first sight. Since I'd been already working there for a while, I insisted and made sure he was in my group. We got to talk, exchanged phone numbers, called each other up incessantly and got to know each other. Like in all relationships, we've had our ups and downs but we're blissfully happy.

This is of course, a summarised version.

A couple of days later I asked the boyfriend the same question. Oh, she saw me and just fell in love he told me. And I didn't even know her and hadn't seen her.

His side of the story wasn't the least bit romantic and lasted less than 3 minutes. I laughed out loud because I was playing her side of the story in my mind the whole time.

She supplied some infomations he left out, he claimed he didn't remember things happening that way. I laughed even more. They tenderly looked at each other and held hands.

Am going to post this I told them, I think they tought I was joking.

Where did the book say Men and Women come from?


ChickyBabe said...

As long as he's not talking through Uranus, then it's all fine! :P

(ok, I'm in a strange mood today ;) )

Neil said...

Good to hear that men are the same throughout the world.

Phil said...

I'd say he's playing it cool with his version of the story. Remember us men are men!

Good luck with the move.

Hans said...

{a bit out of subject}

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Hope you'll really like it and it will have its uses for you.

aulelia said...

lol, why do men do that? i just don't understand it! maybe us girlies should be more aloof?

Justine said...

The first time I saw my husband, my heart THUMPED and his voice seemed to be like magic. Who was this man? Where was he from? So many things went through my mind.

His side of the story: the first thing he noticed about me was my rump!

Cain said...

"Men are From Mars...Women From Venus" by, John Grey.

~~(But, I think you knew that, right?)~~

LOL! @ chickybabe!

I liked that you posted this story.
(There's always so much more to say, and Men do seem to use shorthand for the most romantic of things. Women, do have a much better grasp of the emotions, I believe; at least, when putting them into words.)



atpanda said...

Where are you? Are you coming back? ;-)

Fitèna said...

ChickyBabe, I guess it is! lol! Maybe we aught to dampen it a bit!
(You were? ;) )

Neil, is that supposed to be reassuring? lol! I guess you're right though!

Phil, yeah!? And why does he need to do that pray tell me... :-)

Thank you, it went smoothly!

Hans, Thanks for the tip. Shall check it out.

aulelia search me! lol! Now do you think that we could, even if we tried? lol!

Justine, looool! Now how could ne see you from behind if you were facing him since you were cheking him up huh?! Men, I tell you!

Cain, Really? :-) Thank you!

Yeah, CB rocks!!

We do have that; a better grasp of emotions etc... lol!

Thanks for visiting!

atpanda, am back! lol! Thank you for wondering dear! Much appreciated!


Cain said...

Yes. YES! really. (LOL!)