Thursday, 22 March 2007


Aulelia's comment made me smile. I've been drafting so many posts in my head but had no receptacle for them. In 3 weeks I went to work 4 or 5 days only. The rest of the time I spent it scratching. What? Oh not Dj'ing! I'll explain.
The heat here is intense. That's because there's much humidity in the atmosphere. It never was a problem apart the discomfort but it seems like I've developed some allergy to humidity now. This is bad, real bad. I can get medication and all but the humidity is still going to be here. Does it mean that I'll just have to bear it and wait till we leave to be well! I hope not! Last week the second doctor I went to see asked me questions on the stress line. Am relieved! He prescribed a battery of blood tests and I shall be getting th results today. Am relieved because if its stress at least that I can do something about!
So I'll spare you the unpretty details but it some sort of angry red rash which is "en relief". It itches like... It itches bad. Some of the medication he gave me is meant to put me to sleep. I clipped my nails. Yesterday my mum caught me rubbing my back against the wall. Yes, it's that bad!
Meanwhile, I have loads of work awaiting my attention and I'll pen off here.
My friend has a great sens of humour, I was supposed to meet someone he knew. When asked how he'd recognise me, my friend's reply was "look for a tall black women scratching herself.
My deepest apologies for making myself scarce on your blogs. I'll make it up!

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ChickyBabe said...

Stop scratching and start blogging! :P

I hope you're feeling better :).

Justine said...

You poor thing!

I have had a heat rash before, but never for very long. I want to give you advice but its all things you would know. But I can't stop myself: cotton, cotton and cotton clothing. Talcum powder. Airconditioning if/when available.

and maybe Urea cream?

Then, reelaaaaaaax deeply :)

I get nervous dermatitis on the palms of my hands, and tinitus. The only treatment for me is to be relaaaaaaaxed. If my neuro-dermatitis or tinitis appears, I have to meditate and hypnotise myself. But I am undisciplined, so even though I should do these things regularly, I only do them when forced too by my body! :)

I find the easiest meditations to do are visual ones. Do you do them? We could swap meditation ideas...? :)

The problem with what I am saying is that it might seem to imply that you can wish something away. It might not be that way.

Best of luck, Fitena! I hope the weather cools down /dries up for you.

kelly said...

I looked up where you live, wow you are way far away from anyone and everyone...and...Mauritus was the only known location of the dodo

Fitèna said...

lol CB, am trying believe me! I am feeling better now to be blogging a bit! lol!

Justine, Cotton is all I wear! It's the first time I get anything like this. Heat rashes i know but this is bad! I haven't thought about the talcum powder though, shall try that!
Relax? lol! When am tired I get my siblings to scratch my ack! Its such a pain!
You hypnotise yourself? Wow, how do you do that! The doc gave me pills he said would reduce the itching, methinks they're sleeping pills. I've never slept this much and am still feeling sleepy during the day!
Am going to see him with the blood test results, I hope its nothing long lasting!
Thanks for the advice!
I've been playing super mario all the time to get my mind off the itching but as sson as mario dies the itching comes back with a vengeance!

Keely, like I always say, the real Mauritians were the poor dodos who ended up fried by the Dutch! I am far! lol!


Adeline said...

oooh i am sorry, i had that one time too, only i was scratchy from dry skin in cold weather. it was awful. first thing i did when i got home was to grab my hair brush for effective scratching relief. it was awful... i scratched my ribs like a monkey. when i was teaching it was the worst, the urge to scratch!@!!!!

Justine said...

And the Dutch named Mauritius, right? (mumbles something un-printable about colonisation...)


If Mario dies too often, maybe you could also consider Donkey Kong? I like number 4 the best, but I haven't played it for about 10 years. I wish I still lived with my brother sometimes and borrow his toys :)


Self-hypnotism is a kind of meditation. I am by no means an expert, but here is a visual exercise:

Step 1: shut your eyes (oh, you have to have them open to read this, lol).

Step 2: Breathe slowly into your belly, through your nose. Exhale. Take your time and do this until you feel your muscles start to relax. Let your diaphram be as comfortable as it can.

Step 3: picture something in your mind's eye. A rose perhaps? A lovely Mauritian flower of some kind? Develope the image until you feel you have it as good as you can get it. If you can't get a flower or something, just a ball will do. If you can't get a ball, just PRETEND you have something.

Step 4: we are still breathing slowly through the nose.

Step 5: now, as you inhale, breathe your flower in to your head. Draw it towards you on your breath. Perhaps you see it right in front of your forehead, or in the dark space inside your head.

Step 6: keep breathing.

Step 7: breathe the flower/ball deeper in. Such it down into your belly, down towards the deepest part of your lungs/diaphram/belly.

Step 8: you have a flower in your stomach. Now imagine another one outside your head. draw it in, and suck it too into your belly.

Step 9: repeat until you have several flowers in your belly. A bouquet, if you like. This might take a while.

Step 10: now, in little exhalations through the mouth, blow out a flower one at a time. Like as if you are blowing out a candle. Short little "woosh!"es, with the lips in a sort of OO shape I suppose.

Step 11: when you have blown out each flower, you are finished. You should feel very relaxed by now.


kelly said...

so, how is the itching? you have to wear boxing gloves to stop yourself from scratching?

allergies can be so frustrating, I learned after 15 years of being undiagnosed (long story) that I am allergic to.......
beef, pork, dairy, grains, and a couple other minor ones...
being a canadian that pretty much takes up our I live on antihistamines/decongestants or I cough...once I get determined I will adjust my diet and see what happens,