Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Le Retour # 1

Dear Readers, it's been a while, I know! My last post is dated 17th May 2007... Have I been away that long!? I draft the posts in my head each night before I fall asleep and have no time during the day to post them here... Not that I don't have Internet access! Every 10 meters you have a cybercafé here! And this is no exaggeration!
But first things first so let me tell you about our trip back to Ivory Coast after 14 years in Mauritius!
It was awful. It was sad. It was very very sad. There were tears. Sobs. We hugged. We promised each other we'd keep in touch. We'd write. We'd call. It was so very sad. It lasted a whole month before the final leaving day. My mum's best friend almost fainted. Her son had to drag her away. We were that close. My friends came over. We started to panic as the gifts and souvenirs started pouring. Where would we fit them all? We could not afford to have any excess. But we managed. The goodbyes were long. The day we left the cars where parked from one end to the other end of Avenue des Glaieules. We wanted to leave the house clean but am afraid the landlord must have cursed us the next day! It rained the day we left and there was mud all over the place!
To the airport. We were accompanied by a full van, and 3 full cars. The others were late, and called to say they were outside and sad we were already inside and could not meet. We were sorry too but it was better that way. I had no more tears left and I had a lot on my mind; things to remember, notes to make, the family to handle. At 26, it was the first time we were going anywhere without my dad and if it hadn't been for the support of friends, I'd have been completely lost!
An uncle and his wife prepared sandwiches and juices we where supposed to eat, the airport guys wouldn't let us through with the drinks but said that the sandwiches were ok!
We passed through and went to sit surrounded by tourists and other travellers. We munched our sandwiches. Our last taste of Mauritius said my brother. Yes, till next time.

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