Wednesday, 19 September 2007

The Look!!!!

I'd been thinking about bringing some change to my template for a while and finally brought myself to work on it yesterday!
Your views on the new Look!

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Le Retour # 2

The flight from Mauritius to Dubai was tiring, the food was awful and the movies were so boring my swollen feet went to sleep. After 6 hours and a half, we landed in Dubai. We managed not to get lost in the huge airport and reached our connecting flight gate safely. An hour later we boarded for Abidjan via Accra.
It was the same company so we had the same awful food and bring movies to Accra. The passengers disembarked and we welcomed the new crew. They were nice and smiled a lot. We flew towards Abidjan. We could not wait to land. We all set our screens to the below view camera to take it all in. Since the class was almost empty we all took widow seats. After a while my siblings got bored of the view and switched to the boring movies. I (of course) was more patient. After a while, I felt my eyebrows rising. I could imagine my own puzzled expression. 15 minutes later I was sure of it. I signaled the steward and asked him why we were making circles flying around like that? The captain’s voice boomed informing the passengers that due to the bad weather, there will be some delay and that we will be landing soon. The steward gave me a that’s the answer to your question smile. I smiled back. My mum turned around looking for me, I waved and she turned her head away. I could sense that she was worried. My little brother had just translated what the captain said.
Half an hour later, the same green crops could be seen. The captain said that now we were going to land. The flight started its descent. We all had switched our screen to the below view camera and could barely make out anything through the rain. Only the lights told us that we were approaching the ground. Suddenly, just when we’d tensed and thought we were hitting the ground, the plane’s nose went up and we were taking off again. The captain informed us that due to bad visibility caused by the bad weather we couldn’t land. Everything was in control. I heard my mum calling for my sisters to come and take the seats near her. The guy in front of me wasn’t sure and asked his seat neighbor what the captain meant. The seat neighbor explained that it was a decision that the captain had to take in a split second in order not to risk our lives. On the seat across, a fat man had opened is shirt and was rubbing his chest. I thought I wasn’t scared but I realized I was when I heard myself giggling at the sight. My mum called for me. I went and took the seat behind her. There’s something wrong with the plane she said. I assured her that it was nothing of the sort and relayed the captain’s message again and added what I’d heard the seat neighbor saying. My mum said « look at the steward », I asked her what about him. She was worried because the blood had drained from the steward’s face. I looked at him and at his colleagues who had all buckled themselves and were conferring while smiling at us and I must say they got me worried too!
About 20 minutes later, the captain told us that we were now going to land. I thought about the fat man rubbing his chest and it saddened me that he was flying alone. M mum asked us to hold hands. We did. The plane landed smoothly. The passengers clapped. My first thought on Ivorian land was : I want to pee.
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