Tuesday, 17 April 2007


He: Hello!!!
She: Hi!!!
He: It's been a while! How are you?
She: Am fine! Thank you! And you!?
He: OK!


She: Just look at this weather! Tssst Tssst!
He: Yeah! Sucks! The rain! tsssst tsssst!
She: How come it rains so much? This isn't the raining season!
He: It's the pollution!
She: Huh?
He: Yeah, you know, the "réchauffement de la planéte" and stuff!
She: Oh yeah!
He: But Quatre Bornes sure sucks! It's been raining non-stop!
She: Yeah, the track back there is all muddy!
He: (looks down at her sandals) You aught to wear better shoes!
She: Yeah I guess...


He: You live around here don't you?
She: Yeah, around Sodnac.
He: My mum's family live in Curepipe.
She: hummm
He: Yeah, my aunt called to say that its raining real bad there too. The humidity is unbearable!
She: Yeah, my coucin is married there. She said the same thing.


He: You ever been to UK?
She: No.
He: The weather is much as bad there too...

At this point, I couldn't help it. I had to laugh. Why do people feel the need to talk when they have nothing to say!?

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