Wednesday, 24 October 2007

English v/s French

French language is said to be very complicated, but what about the English language…

1H58 à 2H02 = une heure cinquante-huit à deux heures deux."


 from two to two to two two" 

"Trois sorcières regardent trois montres Swatch. Quelle sorcière regarde quelle montre Swatch ?"


"Three witches watch three Swatch watches. Which witch watch which Swatch watch??
End this one is for the specialists... 

"Trois sorcières suédoises et transsexuelles regardent les boutons de trois montres Swatch suisses. Quelle sorcière suédoise transsexuelle regarde quel bouton de quelle montre Swatch suisse?"
English (sit tight):
"Three Swedish switched witches watch three Swiss Swatch watch switches. Which Swedish switched witch watch which Swiss Swatch watch Switch?"*


Am flying to Mali on Friday!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Taxi and Woro Woro

There are two categories of cabs in Cote d'Ivoire: Taxi and Woro Woro.
A Taxi is a Taxi and a Woro Woro is the Taxi's poor cousin. Woro Woro lit. means Six Six in malinké which is my ethnic group's dialect but since there are around 63 ethnic groups with their own dialects, its fair to assume that Woro Woro means something else too. Because, Six Six just doesn't make sense, right?
When you take a Taxi, you make an "arrangement" or deal with the Taxi driver. Because 1 Taxi of 2 have faulty meters; at your disadvantage. Taxi is more classy, you're alone and enjoy paying for the vacant seats. In a Woro Woro, there is no waste of seats. Like a bus, it slows by you shout your destination and how much you are willing to pay. If its ok, the driver will stop if not, you clear your throat and wait for another one.
I enjoy taking the Woro Woro. To go to work, I normally have to pay around 3500 FCFA daily but with the Woro Woro I pay 1350 FCFA daily. What I do is called "decomposer" or decompose which makes no sense if I don't explain it to you.
The Taxi would take me straight from point A to point D but with a Woro Woro, I move from point A to point B where I take another Woro Woro to point C and a last one to my destination point D! I this take 3 Woro Woro to work! It's tiring but really worth it!
My first day at work I took a Taxi for work and shot pictures all the way. At one point, I noticed a Taxi driver on our right signalling. Before I could ask my driver what he was saying, screamed at the other driver "where do you know her from you moron?" Surprised I asked him what the other driver had said (I thought maybe he'd lacked me respect) and my driver told me that the other driver wanted me to shoot him.
Yesterday, when I took the Woro Woro back home, the driver and the front seat occupant where engaged in some sort of debate. By the time I reached my terminus, I learned that God said in the Bible that the people living in Marcory are never going to be rich. I live in Marcory.

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