Tuesday, 29 January 2008


It’s been a while i know, but never mind! Here's one to make you forgive me being away so long!

We took our seats and my friend said: “you have heard?” I said, from the look at her face, “no”. Nothing I’d “heard” that day could bring that expression to her face. She then went on to fill me in about what I hadn’t and should definitely have heard.

A shoe polisher was minding his own business when a bat fell at his feet. He jumped up startled and picked a shoe to hit the bat. That’s when he had the biggest surprise of his life hearing the bat telling him to “please don’t hit me”. He was then even more amazed to see the bat he’d been on the point of crushing transforming itself in a man. Late forties I am told. The was-bat-and-now-is-a-man went on to explain to the shoe polisher that “this is not where I intended to land.” And that “I was actually going to that building there to kill my daughter.” The shoe polisher was sceptical of course as course and the gathering crowd too shared his scepticism. What did they do I wanted to know. My friend told me they accompanied the creature to the building and inquired if so and so daughter of so worked there. A lady appeared and said yes I am so and this is my father. Then what I prompted. Then the cops took them all to the police station said my friend.
Since I wanted the details, my friend told me that she’d heard it during the day from some colleagues who were heading to work and that some of them had even taken pictures but blast after the transformation only!

I reached home and forgot about it till we sat to watch the CAN football.

I started telling my cousins about it when my sister interrupted me. That day she’d been at a judge’s to handle some business I’d asked her to take care of. So she goes “that bat guy right!? I heard about him too! The judge’s assistant was talking about it! Said they are even going to show it on TV.” Everybody wanted to know what we were talking about. We told them then everyone turned to our cousin controlling the remote control with pleading looks. “Please turn the news on, please.” He said no way but he couldn’t enjoy his football because all we talked about was the bat guy.

Next day. My friend greets me laughing and says “have you heard?” “No” “Well, what happened is this…”

…The bat guy was some poor man suffering from Alzheimer. He’d been reported missing for four days. He happened to be around his daughter’s office by sheer chance when he’d recovered his senses waking up from sleep behind a tree. It’s when he came out from behind the tree that he was seen by a woman who, startled, started screaming witch man…

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