Thursday, 30 June 2011

Good Trap

First they told us the flight was cancelled and that we had to write down our names and phone number so they'd call us for the tomorrow flight. By the time we all did, information came that there was a possibility of flying after all. We were requested to check in our luggage. Someone started spitting foul words at the ground crew. The plane had technical issues, would he rather we board on a faulty plane? Some people are sure in a hurry to get to lalaland.
Eight hours later, we're finally boarding. Am asked what my final destination is. Luanda. They check my passport once, twice then ask me to kindly sit and wait for someone to attend to me. Hey, what is 10 minutes after eight hours! I smile and sit.
"What's your final destination madam?"
I explain that am on a very long trip going to Dubai, Nairobi then back to Dubain and off to Luanda. Back to Dubai again and then Accra and then Abidjan.
The officer flips through my passport again and again and then says "but you have no visa for Rwanda." "Rwanda? Oh, not Rwanda, Luanda. The capital of Angola" and we laugh.
Dubai airport makes my head reel. Too many people. 
Nairobi is such a beautiful city but with a vicious traffic. On a "No U Turn" sign someone had tagged in green "so what?". My colleagues and I started laughing. The police man directing traffic must have thought we were laughing at him.
My first time in Luanda. The personnel at room service did not speak english and I don't speak portugeuse. We laughed at each other on the phone. I gibberished that I wanted something light to eat. She finally got it. They sent me a coca cola light.
Luanda's downtown by night (the only free time I had) is quite beautiful. The food is lovely and not too different from what we eat back home. I wish I stayed longer than 2 nights but then I'd be broke. The country is ridiculously expensive. The customs officer at airport asked me if I had money to declare. I told her no. And she said in her best english "ok, good trap!". I am not easily spooked but I felt a sense of dread.
Am now off to Accra. There's a mom with the prettiest baby girl I've ever seen on my left. She knocked down her mother's tray, pulled her hair and drooled on her shoulder. Her t-shirt says "I love mummy". A baby with a sense of humour.


Anonymous said...

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S R Morrison said...

beautifully written

Fatma said...

Hi Anon, I can't return the politeness by visiting your blog. drop me a line with the link please.

Thanks Morrison!