Wednesday, 29 June 2011


The last 3 years have been a blurr. Great job, not enough quality time with the Loved Ones, plenty of travelling and too many airports.
Don't get me wrong. I love to travel and discover new places and faces, try new tastes and spit some out. I tried crocodile meat. It stands somewhere between chicken and fish. I hated it. I loved sushi. Never thought I'd enjoy raw fish but guess what, penguins have great taste.
I've just spent 9 hours at Kotoka airport in Accra and will most probably miss my connecting flight to Nairobi. These things happen. Kids are wailing, parents are bribing. Two kids, brothers I think, are eyeing my smartphone. The elder one says "you have a blackberry". It's not a question. I smile and eye their snack. The little one puts his snack put into my face. It is some cheese sticks snacks. It smells good. Am very hungry and I say no thanks and smile. The kid looks sincerely relieved.
The adults are scowling and the business class adults are pouting and trying to make eye contact to communicate their anger, annoyance. I will not be contaminated. I hope the toxic smell of farts gradually filling the boarding gate doesn't stick on me though. The guy on my left reeks of the smell of stale tobacco. Worse, he just burped. 

Post written at the Katoka International Airport on 19th of June 2011.

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